Police officials in Texas issued an AMBER Alert for two teenagers on Monday after one of their Snapchat accounts displayed a “help” message that was discovered days after they were first reported to be gone.

Two 14-year-old girls, Aysha Lynn Cross and Emilee Solomon, have been declared missing by local police officials in Texas after they were last seen near a street corner in McGregor on Wednesday, according to NBC News.

Cross is reportedly 5’2’’ and 105 pounds with black hair and hazel eyes, while Solomon is said to be 5’1’’ and 175 pounds with brown hair and brown eyes. The clothing apparel of both teenagers when they first went missing is unknown.

Sara Dunn, Solomon’s grandmother, said that the two were best friends and that they were spending time together at Cross’s home where they were supposed to be picked up by an uncle. That did not happen, however, and the two were reportedly dropped off at Bewley Park where it was unclear what happened to the two next, Law&Crime reported.

The non-immediacy of the police’s reaction to the potential missing person case was explained by McGregor police Lt. Ron McCurry on Saturday–days before they were officially declared missing–due to being unable to meet the standards of an AMBER Alert.

That, however, was before the “help” message was seen by police officers from a screenshot of Cross’s story on Snapchat. The local police, working with little information on where the girls could be, have gotten the FBI on the case to help them find the girls faster.

“We are following all leads and doing everything we can to find these young girls,” McCurry said.

Sara Dunn and Cross’s mother Shannon Valles are working together to hopefully get them home, spreading the message around that the two are not in trouble with authorities and that their families are eager to have them back.

“I want her to know that everything is OK,” Dunn said. “It doesn’t matter what she has done. I want to tell her to just come home. We love you no matter what. Our door is open. Come home.”

Two young teenage girls from McGregor, Texas were declared missing by authorities on Monday after a Snapchat message from one of the girls with the line "help" was found by authorities. This is a representational image. Priscilla Du Preez/Unsplash.

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