Tyler Posey
The "Teen Wolf" star surprised his mom on Zoe Saldana's AOL show "My Hero" by making one of her biggest wishes come true after barely battling four rounds of breast cancer. Getty

The AOL show produced by Zoe Saldana “My Hero” gives celebrities a chance a chance to honor and thank their heroes. The show’s first episode aired on Friday, October 24, and it was Saldana’s turn to take viewers to her childhood home, share her best memories and most of all, honor her sweet mom, who Saldana calls her one true hero. “Everyone has that one special person in their lives they call heroes.” For its fifth episode, “Teen Wolf” star, Tyler Posey decided to surprise the bravest person he knows: his mom, Cyndi Garcia Posey.

Posey’s mom has battled four rounds of breast cancer, and the actor says, “it gets scarier and scarier every single time,” but she’s stayed strong for her three sons and her husband. “She's just been this rock. She knows how much we love her. She deserves to hear it.”The teen heartthrob showed up at his parents’ doorstep with pizza and a lucky surprise for his mom. Posey told his mom she was the reason he’d “stayed positive all this time” and that she’s kept this family while she was sick, “You’re the most amazing person; you kick ass mom,” before he went on to calling her his hero. “[Hero] is not usually a label that’s given to me,” said Cyndi in tears.

In case you weren’t crying yet, the actor had a big surprise for his mom and dad, which was delivered to her in a "crafty basket" made by Tyler himself: the trip to Ireland she’d always dreamed of!

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