A UFO was reportedly seen flying over Houston, Texas. Even better multiple witnesses were able to snap pictures, check out the photos below and let us know what you think! UFO fact or fiction! Shutterstock

If a UFO was going to fly over any city, would it be Houston? In the movies it’s always New York, but it seems like Texans were ready for their possibly extraterrestrial visitors by snapping up multiple photos and posting them directly to Twitter. And while any UFO sighting sends people into a frenzy and gets every conspiracy theorist on the front pages, any person who views the Twitter images of the UFO flying above Houston would have to agree that the flying object is indeed looks celestial. The UFO seen in the images is a large oval disc that appears to be flying through the gathering storm clouds over Houston. In addition to the odd shape of the UFO, it appears to be light be multiple different bright white lights that are arranged around the outer edge of the space craft creating a circle illumination in the sky.

“I think the trick in UFO's is figuring out what else they could be,” Dr. Carolyn Sumners, vice president for Astronomy at the Houston Museum of Natural Science, told KPRC Houston, a news affiliate of NBC. She also stated that while one must think scientifically, “it's easy to say that could be the aliens.” No definite word has been given on what exactly the UFO is or was, but Dr. Sumners stated that stormy weather, which is clearly captured in the images, could be part of the explanation.

Dr. Sumners also explains that if the object is real, the best way to decipher its origins or discover more about it is to have multiple witness and multiple photos captured at several different angles, this will provide the best way for scientists and experts to “figure out where it is, what it is and see if we can explain it,” she told KPRC.

Check out the images from Twitter below and let us know what you think! Did Houston residents really capture a UFO flying over their city or is it just a hoax caused by stormy weather?

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