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Since the times when there were no cameras or recording equipment, the stories about the sightings in the volcano, about objects levitating near the volcano, objects coming out and objects going in, were narrated by voice, fortunately since there is recording equipment, these sightings stopped being a simple story and became part of a video testimonial, thanks to the people who are aware of the volcanic activity and the events that occur as a result of it.

The following footage is not a montage, nor an edition of some amateur, since most of these images and videos are part of the continuous monitoring cameras of the government of Mexico, Universities, News, and people who are dedicated to monitoring volcanic activity, that is why we can be sure that the evidence is true, but what no one can prove is what are the objects that are seen in the videos, there are many theories of what they could be but if there is something certain is that no one can confirm or deny what are the things that come out, or enter the volcano.

UFO sightings are not exclusive to the Popocatepetl Volcano, a couple of hours from the volcano in another region of Morelos called Tepoztlan an extremely touristy area, due to the sighting of UFOs on top of the mountain where there is a pyramid, you can see in the regional merchandise the importance and seriousness of the sightings, as you can see in the souvenirs of the town themes of aliens and UFOs, also in other parts of Mexico there is a lot of UFO sighting, its only matter of ask where and when.

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