Many netizens criticised GAME, a U.K.-based video game retailer, following Valentine's Day advertising that mocked domestic violence and abuse.

The post in question contains a meme that has been labeled "tasteless" and "offensive" by many. A row of what appear to be earlier iPhone models is depicted in the tweet, which GAME deleted.

Three of the gadgets are substantially damaged, according to Eurogamer. Meanwhile, the fourth, which appears to be massaged, is working fine.

"Love your phone as much as you love your console? Show it you care and upgrade here. #ValentinesDay," the post read. "Shhhhh baby," the the text for the image. "I ain't gonna treat you like the others," it added.

Shortly after the decision to post the tweet, several people commented that it was making light of domestic violence to sell phones.

Commenters slammed the retailer for the image's tone deafness, claiming that the campaign would be offensive even if it wasn't related to Valentine's Day.

"So you made and posted an ad mocking domestic violence on Valentine's Day after the Super Bowl which has a high spike of visits to the emergency room for partners?" one reply reads.

Others pointed out that sharing the photograph so soon after the Super Bowl, an event that frequently increases domestic abuse complaints, was ill-advised and a blunder.

"Wow. Just wow. Making light of domestic abuse to sell preowned phones... GAME really need a new social media team if they think this is acceptable," reads one reply to the deleted tweet.

Many people are demanding an official apology from GAME and an explanation of why the U.K.-based retailer used the image to promote the game's sales.

The store has yet to respond to the backlash but has since deleted the offending tweet. Still, the company has continued to post several new tweets.

Women's treatment in the video game industry has improved in recent years, but CBR said there is still a long way to go. Following repeated allegations of workplace sexual harassment, California investigated and sued publisher Activision Blizzard in 2021, resulting in a big controversy.

While numerous rallies have been held to raise awareness and hold the firm's higher-up officials accountable, many Activision Blizzard fans have swore off the company forever. Following Microsoft's acquisition of the company, staff are apparently hoping for significant improvements that will result in a healthier working environment for all female employees.

[REPRESENTATIONAL IMAGE] A mother and her child pose in a room in a temporary apartment of the Home association in Paris on November 22, 2016. The Home association, created in 2006, rents 3 apartments and a house in the surburbs of Paris, for a temporary relocation for women aged 18 to 30, victims of domestic violence or in family breakdown. GEOFFROY VAN DER HASSELT/AFP via Getty Images

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