When Adidas unveiled Beyonce’s Ivy Park collection in December 2019, it immediately sent the social media world abuzz. Fans all over the world just can’t help buzzing about it, but nowhere more so than in the U.K., which is home to Sainsbury, the largest supermarket chain in London known for its maroon and orange uniforms that are reminiscent of Beyonce’s Ivy Park collection. Now, Sainsbury is throwing shade at Beyonce’s Adidas outfits for allegedly stealing their style.

Queen Bey’s Adidas fashion line instantly caught the attention of eagle-eyed fans because of its color palette, which is undeniably identical to the uniform of the staff at Sainsbury. Photos comparing Beyonce’s collection with the supermarket’s uniform have made the rounds online in recent weeks, showing their uncanny resemblance.

Beyonce's Adidas Ivy Park Collection Beyonce poses with one of her Ivy Park collections. Adidas

It’s safe to say that even Beyonce is aware how her collection has raised a ruckus on social media, since it immediately set Twitter on fire when she offered a first glimpse of hew Ivy Park outfits in her Elle magazine cover shoot last December. The magazine cover showed Queen Bey leaning against bottles of soft drinks in a supermarket aisle, further hammering out speculations that Sainsbury’s uniform was her inspiration for her designs.  

With hilarious comparisons still floating around on Twitter, Sainsbury comically shaded Queen Bey with a subtweet last weekend by posting a photo of their uniform with “the original” text written on the image. “Repping since 1869,” the supermarket wrote in the caption. Interestingly, the hilarious tweet only built the hype around the Ivy Park collection all the more, as it went viral just a day before Beyonce actually dropped her collection on Jan. 18.

Beyonce Beyonce's Ivy Park Collection for Adidas Adidas

Beyonce has yet to respond to the comparisons, but the memes and tweets about her Ivy Park collection’s semblance to Sainsbury’s uniform continue to take over Twitter as fans make fun of their similarities. “I really cannot un-see the Sainsbury-esque vibe on Beyonce’s latest release and I hate whoever brought the comparison to light,” one fan noted. “Still in disbelief that Beyonce made a whole range of various Sainsbury’s outfits and nah so Beyonce really expects us to be walking around in Sainsbury’s uniform,” another fan tweeted.

Beyonce Beyonce's Ivy Park Collection for Adidas Adidas