Over 137 Ukrainians have been killed, with many more injured by errant Russian military forces, as the country attempts to hold the line against the invading Russian hordes pummeling towards the capital city of Kyiv.

Among the many killed by Russian forces in the attempted assault of the country is a little boy living in a residential area in the city of Chuguiv inside the Kharkiv region, where a “Smerch” Multiple Launch Rocket System was believed to have attacked the area, The Daily Beast reported.

“The Russians are lying! Smerch rockets struck the suburbs of Kharkiv,” Anton Gerashchenko, an advisor to the Interior Minister, said.

Amnesty International has clarified that attacking civilians and “indiscriminate attacks that kill or injure civilians constitute war crimes” are reprehensible, condemning the actions of the Russian military for its reported attacks against civilian populations.

The Russian Defense Ministry has denied attacking civilian populations in Ukraine, in spite of the mounting evidence of missile craters and artillery fire happening in residential areas that are being posted online.

As Russian troops inch closer and closer to taking the capital city of Kyiv, Western analysts believe that the capital will fall within a matter of hours despite the admirable effort that Ukrainian forces have done in holding the line at the Eastern Front, according to Bloomberg.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy has asked the able-bodied citizens to fight as his government stayed on in Kyiv even in the face of possible extreme violence that may be done to him, his government, and the three million people living in the city today.

“Landing of airborne troops is possible. There could be an attempt to enter the government’s bloc,” Zelenskiy’s advisor Mykhaylo Podolyak said. “One of the goals is to remove top authorities.”

The death toll has risen to 137 people, with over 316 Ukrainians wounded. Meanwhile, Zelenskiy claims that Ukrainian forces have killed over 400 Russian soldiers so far during the Russian military invasion, according to another Daily Beast article.

Over 137 Ukrainian citizens have been killed, with 316 injured as the continued Russian military attacks and missile strikes against the country increase the death toll of the war hour by hour. This is a representational image. Edgar Serrano/Unsplash.

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