There was reportedly a Ukraine drone attack on an airbase for bombers in southern Russia recently and three technical staff were killed due to falling debris.

Air defenses reportedly shot down the drones near the Engels base but the falling debris left three people fatally wounded, the defense ministry said via BBC.

The Ukraine military has yet to officially confirm the said attack. However, air force spokesman Yuriy Ihnat said the explosions were the result of what Russia was doing on Ukrainian soil.

“These are the consequences of Russian aggression,” Ihnat said. “If the Russians thought that the war wouldn’t affect them deep behind their lines, they were deeply mistaken.”

Not long after this incident, Russia’s FSB security service claims it had killed a four-strong sabotage group who were trying to enter the Russian border region of Bryansk from Ukraine. The group was reportedly armed with improvised explosive devices and German-made submachine guns.

The FSB security service also released video footage of what it said was the "liquidation" of the group. However, there remains no independent confirmation of the incident.

The latest drone attack to hit Russia could come as an embarrassment to authorities. It comes not long after the two December 5 attacks, both at the Engles base and in the Ryazan region, the Associated Press reported.

Ironically, Russia had also claimed at the time that three servicemen died due to falling debris aside from two aircraft reportedly sustaining light damage.

Russia retaliated by launching a massive missile barrage in Ukraine that struck homes and buildings and killed civilians.

Also, at least four civilians were reportedly wounded in Russian shelling of five Ukrainian southeast regions over the past 24 hours, according to the deputy head of Ukraine’s presidential office, Kyrylo Tymoshenko.

Overall, however, the intensity of the shelling from Sunday night into Monday was significantly lower.

Norway Drone Activity Rep. Pic
At least two Norwegian airports were shut down on Wednesday after unknown drones were sighted in the area, with the government suspecting the Russians behind the incident. This is a representational image. Bertrand Bouchez/Unsplash.

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