A detailed report that was published just moments after outgoing Commissioner Michelle Bachelet’s term ended has resulted in the vehement opposition of China.

The 45-page report was allegedly repeatedly delayed, claiming China committed serious human rights violations against Uyghur Muslims in the northwestern region of Xianjing. Also, this long-awaited report released by the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights could lead to crimes against humanity, CNN reported.

The report documents how China allegedly described as arbitrary and discriminatory detention of members of Uyghur and other predominately Muslim groups within the context of the government's "application of counter-terrorism and counter-'extremism' strategies."

Rights groups hailed the report, considering it a groundbreaking development that would hold the Chinese government accountable.

The report was also released s four years after a committee of UN experts called attention in August 2018 to "credible reports" that more than 1 million Uyghur and other Muslim minority peoples were interned in extrajudicial camps in Xinjiang for "re-education" and indoctrination.

For its part, China has denied committing rights violations. They reasoned how they previously said it established such centers as a way to counter "extremism" in the region, and has since said the facilities were closed -- a claim the UN office said it could not verify.

In response to the report, China released a 131 page document, calling the findings as based on the disinformation and lies fabricated by anti-China forces. The response was released by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) in tandem with its own report after China was given advance access to the document to review and respond.

A spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs bats that China had the right to reject the report. Further, the spokesperson added that the Office of High Commissioner was reduced to the role of a hitman and an accomplice of the US and the West in their efforts to control developing countries.

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