Bad Bunny
Puerto Rican reggaeton superstar Bad Bunny was named Artist of the Year by Apple Music on Wednesday. Steve Jennings/Getty Images

San Diego State University is set to offer classes on Bad Bunny starting in 2023, focusing on the Grammy award-winning artist’s impact on Latin culture.

The course will be taught by SDSU’s associate director of journalism and media studies, Nathian Shae Rodriguez, who praised how the Puerto Rican singer was able to cultivate a modern twist to the reggaeton music industry by going beyond the traditional Latino masculine vibe.

Bad Bunny, or Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio, has transformed the perception of people from around the world on modern reggae, according to Rodriguez.

“It's hypermasculine, machista is embedded in its core and Bad Bunny has come in and turned it upside down," Rodriguez said, as quoted by CBS News. "Bad Bunny gives us another side to masculinity, and how masculinity can be, how it should be. How it can be authentic, how it can be endearing, how it can be loving,” he added.

In one of his recent summer concerts in Puerto Rico, he called out the country’s private electric company that left many residents of the island without electricity after Hurricane Maria lashed the country.

He also became vocal about their allegedly corrupt government during his concert while calling out the current governor of Puerto Rico. A week later, its former governor, Wanda Vazquez was arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) on charges involving a political scandal in connection with Puerto Rico’s devastations during Hurricane Maria.

According to CBS News, the song "El Apagón" on his newest album "Un Verano Sin Ti" references the power outages.

He continues to break barriers as he recently released a documentary-style music video for the said song, which also showcased the problems Puerto Rico is currently facing such as their struggle with colonialism.

A more detailed course curriculum has not yet been disclosed by SDSU.

Bad Bunny is currently leading the 23rd Latin Grammy Awards. He has won the Best Música Urbana Album award for his “El Último Tour Del Mundo” during the 64th Grammy Awards in April 2022.

Premio Lo Nuestro 2018 Red Carpet Photos: Bad Bunny
Bad Bunny at the Premio Lo Nuestro 2018 magenta carpet. Univision

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