Liverpool’s talisman Luis Suarez is one of the greatest strikers in the world. Suarez netted 31 goals for Liverpool this season and lead them to the English Premier League title game at Crystal Palace. That game ended in utter shock and disappointment for Liverpool as they blew a 3-0 lead and ultimately lost the EPL title to rival Man City.

On that day, you could find Suarez crying on the pitch as a very tumultuous and emotional season ended in heartbreak. Suarez was suspended early in the EPL season for biting Branislav Ivanovic. After returning, he went on to tie the all-time single season EPL record for goals (31). Had Suarez not been suspended, I’m sure he would have broken the record.

Suarez has been through a lot of ups and downs on his World Cup journey. Four years ago, in the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, Suarez led his team into the quarterfinals where Uruguay ran into a tough and physical Ghana team. On a very controversial and “dirty” play, Suarez used his hand to hit away a ball that was about to cross the line for a goal for Ghana. Suarez's handball ultimately won the game for Uruguay, as Ghana missed the penalty kick and Uruguay went on to win the game. But there is an unspoken rule in soccer to not commit intentional handball penalties and Suarez was immediately given a red card and suspended for the semifinal match.

Many in Uruguay chastised Suarez for costing his team a chance at the World Cup Final, and proclamations of Suarez being a “jerk” or a “dirty player” resonated throughout the land.

After Suarez’s season with Liverpool ended in May he started to experience pain and discomfort in his knee and opted for knee surgery at the end of May that kept him out of Uruguay’s final qualifiers, training sessions, and their opening round match up versus Costa Rica which they lost 3-1.

So when Suarez returned to his country’s team on Thursday afternoon and scored two dramatic goals, including the game winner in front of over 62,000 fans (most of them cheering for Uruguay), it was natural to be overcome with emotions.

Speaking on the pitch to a reporter after the match, Suarez broke down in tears as he took in the moment and reflected on his difficult journey:

“Is it true that you dreamt of scoring multiple goals in this game?” – Reporter

“Yes…yes… I dreamt it and I am enjoying this moment together with my team. For all the moments I’ve lived and the criticisms we’ve received…well, there you have it.”

It was a momentous occasion for the 27-year old striker as he not only relived his dreams, but kept them dreams of his country in the World Cup alive. With the win, Uruguay is in great position to move on to the knockout round, while for England, their World Cup journey is most likely over.