Biden addressed US Jewish community leaders at the White House
Biden addressed US Jewish community leaders at the White House AFP

The United States Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs, Brian A. Nichols, will be visiting Guatemala and El Salvador from Monday to Friday to discuss peaceful democratic transition and economic prosperity with the respective countries.

Nichols will be meeting Guatemala president-elect Bernardo Arévalo alongside Foreign Affairs Minister Mario Búcaro to talk about the controversial presidential transition process slated to happen in January, according to the U.S. Department of State's official website.

Arevalo had won the elections in August through the Movimiento Semilla party. However, attorney general María Consuelo Porras was accused of making efforts to disqualify his party to stop him from taking over the office. Guatemalans have been protesting to demand the resignation of prosecutors accused of blocking the newly elected president Arevalo from taking office.

During his visit, Nichols will discuss the need for a peaceful democratic transition and how the countries can collaborate on migration management, as there has been an increase in migrants from several South American countries, including Guatemala.

Nichols will also engage with leaders of Indigenous communities, private sector representatives, and human rights defenders to discuss the importance of their voices in the political process. He is expected to speak with them about inclusive economic prosperity and the investment climate in Guatemala.

As far as El Salvador is concerned, Nichols will be meeting with President Nayib Bukele and other Salvadoran officials to talk about ways to improve the economic condition of the country, the rule of law, human rights, migration cooperation, and security.

Nichols will also pay a visit to the Human Rights Institute at the University of Central America, which was founded in 1985 by the Jesuit priest Segundo Montes to encourage society to live with dignity and other human rights issues.

In order to talk about economic growth and the investment climate in El Salvador, the assistant secretary will also meet business leaders of the country.

The State Department's statement said the visits highlight the U.S.' "commitment to promoting democracy, inclusive economic prosperity, collaborative migration management, and the protection of human rights in the region."

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