A notice of withdrawal has been sent to the United Nations on Monday to formally begin the process of withdrawing the United States from the World Health Organization. This received the criticism of those who fear its negative implications to the agency's response to the pandemic. 

According to a report, President Donald Trump's disapproval of the U.N.'s ties to China has been the basis of its decision to end its 72-year-old membership from the agency. 

Received by U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres, the said notice will take effect on July 6, 2021 since the terms of the joint resolution passed by the Congress in 1948 mandates that any withdrawing member must first give a year's notice and be cleared of debts.  

President Trump has been threatening to withdraw in late May following his accusations that the WHO has been under China's control due to the untamed COVID-19 pandemic. Despite rebuttals from the EU and Democratic lawmakers, the president has been clear-cut in his ploy to pull out from the U.N. 

Democratic Senator Robert Menendez of the Foreign Relations Committee took to Twitter on Tuesday and said that Trump's move to withdraw from the W.H.O. "leaves Americans sick and America alone."

An official from the Trump administration has openly suggested the reforms that the W.H.O. should make. He, later on, said that W.H.O.'s refusal to act on these demands have led the administration to terminate their relationship.

Critics have written that this move could hamper the agency's plans to counter the coronavirus pandemic and erode the country’s global influence and existing international ties. 

Presidential candidate Joe Biden said on Twitter that if he wins, he will move to rejoin the W.H.O. and regain the country's global leadership.

In its current membership, the U.S. contributed more than $400M which accounts for a significant 15% of the W.H.O.'s total budget. If the withdrawal takes effect, W.H.O.'s financial capability will be taking the fall along with its planned programs towards healthcare and COVID-19 countermeasures. 

To date, it is not yet known how this withdrawal will impact Beijing. Meanwhile, other countries have expressed that they have no plans to follow suit.

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