The reggaeton-pop song "Despacito" continues captivating the world. In this occasion the viral song infected the Trump family. A Youtuber took several excerpts from the speeches of the US President Donald Trump to achieve a melodic composition such as the hit song by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee.

Chaouch Zakaria a.k.a Maestro Ziikos, wrote in the description of his video that he had received many requests to create the video, but still considered it a crazy idea. "I received a lot of suggestions about Donald Trump singing 'Despacito,' the Youtuber wrote. "I said 'No, that's impossible.' Few weeks later I told myself 'Let's try it' and this is the result. Hope you like it and thank you for your support."

Latin Times spoke with the creator of the video, wich is a 25-year-old Moroccan music producer. "It took me almost two days to find the words," said Zakaria on the video. "I watched almost 50 speeches to find to right words." The Youtuber also explained how was the edition process. "I start collecting the words, then convert them to an audio program for the mixing," said Zakaria.

"This process is long because I have go back all the time and search for different words, if the one I found wasn't good enough," explained the producer. He also said that when he finally found all the words, he started with the composition. "This the best part for me because it means I'm almost done and I'm close to share the material with the world," he added. Zakaria said he loves what he do and said "'Despacito' is a great song," 

But others who danced the original song, were the children of Ivanka Trump. The president's grandchildren moved their bodies to the rhythm of one of the best-selling Latin singles in the United States. Ivanka shared the video on her Instagram account, and her followers are loving the pair.

The official video for "Despacito" on YouTube received its one billionth view on April 20, 2017 after 97 days, becoming the second-fastest video on the site to reach the milestone behind Adele's "Hello". In this almost five minutes long piece, you can see Fonsi looking better than ever and enjoying the song while he poses on top of the rocks with the beautiful sea behind from the picturesque Malecon. "Really slow, I want to breathe your body slowly, let me tell you things straight to your ears for you to remember later in case you’re not with me," Fonsi sings.

"My priority was always to create a song full of joy, movement and sensuality, that when the whole world heard it, they had no choice but to dance and sing it," said Luis Fonsi one of his greatest professional successes, according to El Pais.

The catchy poppy-reggaeton anthem was written by a woman from Panama. She's Erika Ender, the writer of the massive Latin hit “Candela” sang by Chayanne and very popular in 2000. The songwriter has revealed in the past that she has been criticized for being a woman who writes for men. Even though she doesn’t pay attention to critics, she wishes more women could be part of the Latin Songwriters Hall Of Fame (LSHOF) as Ana Gabriel just signed in last year.

Ender mega hit topped the charts of 45 countries and reached the top 10 of 9 others, making it both Fonsi and Daddy Yankee's most successful single to date. It was the first song primarily in Spanish to top the Billboard Hot 100 since "Macarena" in 1996.