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The Latino advocacy leaders urged Biden and voters alike to focus on the facts rather than help continue pushing Trump's rhetoric on immigration AFP

A new poll has revealed that more than seven in 10 voters have already picked the candidate they will be voting for in the upcoming U.S. presidential election.

A poll from Harvard CAPS/Harris released on Monday highlighted that 72% of people have already made up their minds, while 28% are still deciding, marking a small increase from May when 69% had decided, The Hill reported.

The poll also found that former President Donald Trump's supporters were more certain about their choice, with 76% having decided, compared to 68% of current President Joe Biden supporters.

This could be good news for Trump, who leads Biden by six points in the poll, with 47% support compared to Biden's 41%, and 8% still undecided.

The Biden campaign is trying to limit the damage after last week's presidential debate, where many people thought the president's performance was disappointing. He often stumbled over his words and struggled to clearly explain his policies in response to the moderators' questions.

Pollsters noted that 75% of those who watched or heard about the debate had decided on their vote. Out of those surveyed, 43% said they watched the entire debate, 28% saw some of it or watched clips online and 16% read or heard about it.

Republicans were the most likely to have watched all or part of the debate at 80%, followed by Democrats at 70% and independents at 62%.

Trump's lead among voters who have made up their minds as Republicans were more likely to say they've decided, with 84% compared to 72% of Democrats. Independents were more divided, with 58% saying they've made up their minds and 42% still deciding.

The Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll was conducted from June 28 to 30, surveying 2,090 registered voters. The poll took place in collaboration with the Center for American Political Studies at Harvard University and the Harris Poll.

The survey used an online sample from the Harris Panel, adjusted to reflect known demographics. Since it's a representative online sample, it doesn't provide a probability confidence interval.

Following the debate, held on June 27, the cognitive health of Biden has been repeatedly questioned by several voters, expressing doubts about the 81-year-old's ability to serve in the next presidential term.

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