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The United States resumed carrying out deportation flights of expelled Haitian migrants, as the Caribbean country continues engulfed in violence and chaos, the Miami Herald reported on Thursday.

Concretely, 74 people were taken to the northern city of Cap-Haïtien, as the capital, Port-au-Prince has become a battlefield in the clash between criminal organizations and security forces. Its airport has been closed for weeks as a result of reigning insecurity.

Migrant advocates harshly criticized the decision, emphasizing the fact that migrants are being taken to a situation in which their lives could be in danger.

"It is simply cruel to deport individuals to Haiti at this time," told the outlet Randolph McGrorty, executive of Catholic Legal Services in Miami.

"The resumption of deportation flights to Haiti is beyond belief. At least beliefs that embrace compassion and humanity," added Tom Cartwright, who tracks ICE deportation flights and was the first to spot the plane on Thursday.

The U.S. halted deportation flights at the end of February, when gangs intensified their assault on Haiti's institutions and infrastructure, including ports and airports. Violence has continued since, with gangs estimated to control about 80% of the capital.

The UN and immigration advocates had called for a moratorium on deportations to the country. U.S. lawmakers also gathered last week to urge the Biden administration to address the worsening crisis.

Among the lawmakers and advocates' were the Biden administration: "extend and redesignate TPS for Haiti," "stop all plans to detain Haitians interdicted at sea at Guantanamo Bay or offshore detention centers," and "Halt all removals to Haiti by land or sea."

"We have a moral obligation to protect Haitians fleeing these horrific conditions, and to support Haitian-led solutions that ensure democracy and stability," said Representative Cori Bush.

"Just where are these deportees supposed to go?" said William O'Neill, the U.N.'s independent human-rights expert on Haiti.

Meanwhile, Haitian authorities former a transitional council tasked with, among other things, addressing widespread violence, naming a new Prime Minister and setting a date for presidential elections in 2026.

Its members were announced on Tuesday, revealing the names of those with voting power and observers. The measure had been delayed after the members claimed that outgoing Prime Minister Ariel Henry changed the terms of their agreement to continue in power.

The European Union urged all parties to cooperate "sincerely" and find a "Haitian solution" to lift the country out of its current state of chaos.

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