After a nail-biting affair with Portugal last Thursday that ended in bitter disappointment and a 2-2 draw, the US Men's National Team is still in a good position to advance to the next round. Although they still have to face their toughest opponent to this point, Germany, a tie will be enough to get the USMNT into the knockout rounds. Here are all the scenarios that can play out for the US to advance:

The US advances if....

1. The US beats OR ties Germany


2. Portugal and Ghana Tie


3. The US loses to Germany and the winner of Portugal/Ghana fails to overcome the US in goal difference

The US goal difference currently stands at +1, Portugal is at -4, and Ghana is at -1. This means that, for example, if the US lost 1-0 and Ghana wins 2-0, Ghana advances because their goal difference will be +1 and the US 0. Basically, a Portgual win will benefit the US if they were to lose because they have to make up 4 goals, whereas Ghana only has to make up 1.

The winner of Group G plays the runner up in Group H, while the runner up in Group G plays the winner in Group H. Thus far Belgium has advanced from Group H, and will most likely win the group, while Algeria, Russia, and South Korea still have it all to play for.