Crystal Turner and Kylen Schulte were newly married when they were killed in August, and now a private investigator based in Utah is optimistic of solving the gruesome murders.

Jason K. Jensen told PEOPLE that Schulte's aunt contacted him for his help regarding the case. Prior to their deaths, the nomadic couple had mentioned a "creepy" man in text messages to family and friends just before they stopped responding, and Jensen feels that solving the murders depends on finding that person. In those messages, the couple, married for just four months, shared that they were facing problems with a strange man while camping in the La Sal Mountains, outside of Moab, Utah, so they said they would probably move campsites.

In one text, Turner, 38, and Schulte, 24, said that if they ended up dead, they were killed. On Aug. 13, the women, who lived in their van, and moved from one campsite to another, were headed for an excursion, and were last seen that evening on Main Street in Moab, and last heard on Aug. 14. Four days later, a concerned friend found them dead from gunshot wounds.

Jensen said, "We are seeking satellite imagery of that area for shortly before and immediately after they disappeared, but before they were found dead." He doesn't expect that they are going to find a license plate of the vehicle the killer may have been driving, because it's skyward, but is hoping that it gives them a clue. If he is able to find out the make, color and model of that car, he will share the details on social media, which might help in getting additional clues about the killer's identity.

The investigator said that if somebody had their camera on, and happened to pass the same vehicle, maybe their camera got the license plate number. He added, "Then, this case could easily be solved." He said that he has the names of possible suspects, including a man who has a history of violent arrests and had been camping in Moab around the same time Schulte and Turner were killed.

Last month, authorities in Utah made an appeal for witnesses in their murders, according to Independent.

In a statement, the Grand County Sheriff’s Office asked if anyone who was in the South Mesa area when the incident took place to contact them with information related to the murders.

Representation image. Pixabay.