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Celebrity hairstylist Leonardo Rocco. Instagram/Leonardo Rocco

For those of you planning a romantic picnic under the stars, a brunch date where you first met your loved one, or just a celebration party with all your awesome single friends, celebrity hairstylist Leonardo Rocco has some simple tips and tricks to beautify and glam up your special day. "A Fall-in-Love-by-Day Braided Hairstyle" or a "Date Night Romantic Up-Do" will definitely be a show stopper for any occasion, get noticed or attract a romantic glare from a potential admirer with these easy DIY step-by-steps hairstyle ideas for your Valentine’s day activities.

Rosie Cheeks and Lips

Rosie Cheeks and Lips
Rosie Cheeks and Lips. Courtesy of Edelman

Prep your face by using a moisturizing cleanser that will leave your skin soft, glowing and moisturized, such as POND’s Cold Cream Cleanser. This cleanser will provide your skin with a deep clean and provide the needed nourishment with its 50% moisturizer. Start off with a lightweight foundation and add an illuminating concealer to the under-eye area to brighten up the eyes. Apply a shimmery rose-pink blush along the cheekbone.

Bigger blush brushes allow for a more natural application. Use a shadow brush with a long, domed head to mix medium and deep rose shadows by sweeping it back and forth on your eyelids. Gently buff your lips with a damp washcloth and apply lip balm. Let it sink in well, and apply a rose-color lipstick.

To remove makeup use POND’s Luminous Wet Cleansing Towelettes which leave skin feeling clean and hydrated. Pamper your skin with Dove Beauty Bars, which contain ¼ pure moisturizing cream and mild cleansers that leave skin clean, soft and smooth.

Fall-in-Love-by-Day Braided Hairstyle

Fall-in-Love-by-Day Braided Hairstyle
Braided Hairstyle. Courtesy of Edelman

Wash and condition your hair with products that will cleanse, provide moisture, and give your hair the extra volume it needs such as Dove Hair Oxygen Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner. Detangle your hair and apply a leave-in product that will moisturize your hair and create a flexible hold to keep voluminous hairstyles intact, such as Dove Hair Oxygen Moisture Leave-In Foam.

Dry your hair as desired and gather a large piece of hair that sits on the crown of your head and braid it towards the right side until you reach the back of your head. Get a piece of hair located on the right side of your head, and braid it until you reach the back. Do the same on left side. Unite all three braids with a hair band and let the rest of your hair loose to complete the Fall-in-Love-by-Day look.

Date Night Romantic Up-Do

Date Night Romantic Up-Do
Date Night Romantic Up-Do. Courtesy of Edelman.

Wash and condition your hair with products that will cleanse and moisturize your hair, making it easier for styling. Dry your hair as desired. Use your fingers to comb through your hair and bring it to the back of your head into a ponytail.

Separate the hair in the ponytail into two sections and tease. Wrap the separate sections of the teased hair in opposite directions and secure the hair with bobby pins. Finish off by using Suave Professionals Luxe Style Infusion Hair Spray to maintain a flexible hold.

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