Valentine’s Day is a day of love, lust, passion and most importantly, gifts. Now while it is certainly the time of year to be showering your loved ones with gifts, Valentine’s Day provides couples, families and friends the time to give thoughtful and affectionate gifts, rather than opulent ones. When Cupid’s arrow is involved, the best gifts are those that come from the heart. So we have rounded up our favorite gifts for everyone from your parents, your best friends to your siblings, and of course your special Mr. or Mrs. Right!  


If your mom is like mine, then she insists that when it comes time for gifts, don’t spend a lot. On Valentine’s Day, I always want to get her a small token of something to remind her just how much I love her, regardless of the dollar price. This year I actually stumbled upon the perfect item while browsing in Sephora, a luxurious, lightweight, whipped body moisturizer that hydrates and soothes winter skin. Philosophy’s Loveswept Whipped Body Crème adds a touch of romance to your body-care ritual. The crème melts onto skin leaving nothing but silky-softness and a whisper of the Loveswept fragrance, for only $33.00, this beauty product is the perfect token to remind mom how much you love her.

Loveswept Philosophy Loveswept Whipped Body Crème, $33, available at Sephora. Sephora


As for Dads, all they really want is some peace and quiet, but like most holidays in my house, Valentine’s Day turns into a hectic day of my sisters and I crying over boyfriends, ex-boyfriends and everything in between. So in order to try to help my dad combat the wails, I decided it was time he learned the magic, relaxing power of Netflix! Netflix is my saving grace. I watch it on my iPhone. I watch it on my iPad. And I watch it on my computer. Nothing says “I love you” like giving your dad the power of unlimited TV and movies that he can watch literally anywhere, and at any time. Gift packages for Netflix came in varying month subscriptions, from 1 month up to a full year. I purchased my dad the 3 month subscription for the affordable price of$23.97, and you can even send a cute Valentine’s Day card via email telling them that their days of Netflix glory have begun.  

Netflix Butter up to your dad this year with the perfect Netflix gift!


For your sister, something simple and sweet should do the trick. Every girl loves chocolate, and while chocolate covered strawberries are normally romantic, they also serve as a sweet reminder of love. Also, if you're single and celebrating alone on this annual love fest, anything covered in chocolate certainly lessens the burn. Shari’s Berries delivers perfectly ripe, and decadently divine chocolate covered strawberries for only $29.98, and if you order right now they are offering a 15% discount, when using the code ‘BERRYLOVE.’

Berries Full Dozen Gourmet Dipped Swizzled Strawberries, $29.98, available at Shari's Berries. Shari's Berries


Now we know Valentine’s Day is normally reserved for lovers, but don’t forget about your brother. While they certainly know how to annoy you, you also have learned to love them, so try and make their day special too. A great gift for your brother is a Google Chromecast, and despite being some new-aged piece of technology it will only cost you $32.49 at Best Buy. The device claims that it is the easiest way to enjoy online video and music on your TV—does your brother watch Netflix, HBO GO, YouTube and Hulu? Of course he does! And now with Chromecast, he can watch all of his favorite online videos on his TV, such an upgraded viewing experience for such a little cost!

Chromecast Chromecast, $32.49, available at Best Buy.


I don’t know about you but I happen to truly enjoy Valentine’s Day, Not only am I addicted to chocolate, but I simply love to love and love to give people gifts they will love. So I decided to include my girlfriends in the holiday fun. Whether your friends love silver or gold, we got it covered. The Lauren Conrad collection make simple and chic jewelry that is just perfect to gift your friends with a “little something.” The LC Lauren Conrad Gold Tone Heart Bangle Bracelet is a great gift for your friend, roommate or even sister if she isn’t a chocolate lover. The bangle features a chic heart clasp that allows your friend to truly wear her heart on her sleeve. The best part is that the bracelet is currently on sale at Kohl’s for $10.50. If you want to purchase a matching necklace or a similar piece for another friend, Lauren Conrad is also offering a Gold Tone Pearl & Crystal Multistrand Heart Pendant Necklace, which is also on sale at Kohl’s for $12.00!

bracelet LC Lauren Conrad Gold Tone Heart Bangle Bracelet, $10.50, available at Kohl's. Kohl's


We made it through all the sweet gifts, but now it’s time for real romance. So whether you’re looking for gifts for your longtime partner, or someone you recently started dating, try to make Valentine’s Day fun, flirty and sexy.

Gifts For Him

No matter how young or old, men engage in Valentine’s Day for some type of fun at the end of it. So while candles and romance may not be his thing, you can put a little sext twist on it and both of you will have more fun. The Don’t Stop Massage Candle from Booty Parlor combines both passion and romance in one. You will love the soothing scent and warm glow of the candle, while your partner will most likely be interested in what happens when the candle begins to burn. The wax also serves as luxurious massage oils, and the spouted design makes it easy to pour the wax onto bare skin. The wax will not scald your skin off, instead it will be moisturizing with shea butter, vitamins A & E, jojoba, olive and coconut oils and clean-burning natural soy wax.

Candle Don't Stop Massage Candle, $36, available at Booty Parlor. Booty Parlor

Is your guy a book lover? Then give him a literary treat with a side of chocolate, or maybe it’s the other way around. Either way, give your book-loving sweetie something sweet that shows you really know him. Theo chocolates makes an adorable gift set, “Theo Classic Library” that comes with 10 delicious chocolates for only $40. The flavors include toasted coconut dark chocolate, salted almond dark chocolate, cherry almond dark chocolate, orange dark chocolate, mint dark chocolate, spicy chile dark chocolate, 70 percent dark chocolate, 85 percent dark chocolate, salted almond milk chocolate, and 45 percent milk chocolate.

Theo-Chocolate-Librairy The Classic Chocolate Library from Theo.

Gifts For Her

Girls, girls, girls. We want so many things for Valentine’s Day. I don’t even know where to start. Obviously the best advice is to make your gift meaningful and special, something just for her. Uncommon Goods has an adorable and sentimental Heart Book Box that will make her fall in love with you all over again. The box is handmade from a romance novel, however inside of the pages in a large cut out heart, where your wife or girlfriend can store her favorite jewelry. Bonus points if you sneak a new piece of jewelry in the heart before she opens her gift!

Capture A handmade Heart Book Box from Uncommon Goods.

Another sure gift is something from L’Occitane. The beauty store sells amazing and all natural products. For Valentine’s Day, they are offering perfect gift sweets for the lovely lady in your life. Check out the Romantic Cherry Blossom Collection, which includes hand cream, body lotion, bath and shower gel, and eau de toilette all in the delicate cherry blossom fragrance. For those of you who are less inclined to gift wrap, don’t worry about it because the gift set comes in a flowered pick box complete with a bow!

Cherry Blossom The Romantic Cherry Blossom Collection, $68, available at L'Occitane. L'Occitane


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