‘Vampire Diaries’ Season 5 Spoilers: Will Damon Die In Fall Finale 'Fifty Shades Of Grayson'?

"Vampire Diaries" is experiencing a major death in tonight's episode and we think its Damon. CW

I know what you're thinking, there is no way possible that Damon will be killed on tonight's episode of the "Vampire Diaries" but unfortunately he is the most likely character to bite the bullet. And even if he doesn't die in the Season 5 fall finale, he will still literally bite a bullet in "Fifty Shades of Grayson," after Aaron Whitmore shot him in the head in last week's episode. Regardless of his current wounds, we still think that the elder Salvatore brother is in grave danger, after the serious history lesson in "The Cell" viewers and characters alike now know about Damon's tortuous past, and his sinister revenge plan.

So with Elena captured in Dr. Wes Maxfield's torture chamber, Damon will be forced to attempt to save her. Luckily, Stefan does have Aaron who is great leverage against the good doctor, however, he certainly seems to value his experiments and research over the life of the last remaining Whitmore.  I originally felt bad for Aaron considering Damon systemically murdered his entire lineage and plans on murdering any children he has, but then he led Elena into a trap and I'm pretty sure that Damon will end paying the ultimate price to save Mystic Falls favorite vampire. So who will kill Damon? Well, unfortunately for the brooding yet sexy vampire, there are a ton of possibilities. First of course Aaron could somehow manage to escape Stefan's capture and decide to seek revenge against the one person who has practically ruined his life. Despite Aaron only being a lowly human, we are assuming his pent up anger and sadness may provide him with the boost he needs to overpower the 171 year old vampire.

Although Aaron isn't the only person at Whitmore with a bone to with Damon. We think that Enzo may ultimately be the snarky vampire's demise. Remember Enzo? Well, of course you do he is a WW II solider turned vampire that has been held and tortured by the Augustine society for literally centuries.  When Damon was captured by Dr. Whitmore the two vampires were cell mates, by confiding in each other and became close friends, soon they hatched an escape plan. Enzo suggested that instead of their regulated 1 daily dose of blood daily, Damon drink both, break out of the cell and attack the Augustine society. The plan worked, until Damon went to break Enzo out of his cell, is was laced with vervain. With no other options, Damon killed Dr. Whitmore and all the society members, and decided to burn Whitmore House to the ground, turn off his humanity and run.

Now after centuries of torture it seems that Enzo is eager to reunite with his old roommate Damon. In a promo video for episode 10 "Fifty Shades of Grayson" Enzo is seen strapped down on an operating table next to none other than sweet Elena Gilbert. Although, instead of once again offering his assistance for escape, it seems that Enzo is now hell bent on revenge. Dr. Wes Maxfield is seen talking to Enzo reminding him that he has to catch up with Damon, he then feeds the vampire two bags of blood. The intense promo also includes text that flashes across the screen reading, "When you cross a vampire, they come back to bite you." Uhhh... things certainly don't look good for Damon, because Enzo is then seen ripping the operating table out of the floor.

I'm sorry to have to be the one to tell you this, but someone is dying tonight even if it's not Damon. According to "Vampire Diaries" executive producer Caroline dries, fans will lose someone in the Season 5 fall finale that is near and dear to their heart. Dries revealed that fans are "going to see a character die. One of the main characters. That's a biggie." Say it isn't so!



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