Vanessa Huppenkothen, Alberto Lati
New report says that the Televisa Deportes hosts have been let go from their duties at the network. Twitter

Vanessa Huppenkothen has been fired from Televisa Deportes and this time it looks like it's true. Gustavo Adolfo Infante, who is a correspondent for "El Gordo y La Flaca" show, confirmed in a tweet that the blonde beauty as well as Alberto Lati were being released from their duties at the network. "It's unfortunate to announced that Televisa Deportes fired the great Alberto Lati and the very beautiful Vanessa," he wrote. Lati was a field reporter for the network and covered the major sports events like the Olympics and World Cup, learning the local language and customs before the team arrived months in advance. Huppenkothen has also covered the major events and appeared weekly on "La Jugada." Although Televisa nor the host have not made it official yet, Infante is a well respected reporter in his field.

Vanessa Huppenkothen had been the center of firing rumors for some time now. Back in November, it was reported that she was not returning to the revamped "La Jugada" this year along with her fellow colleague Marisol Gonzalez. The gossip sparked after both of them were missing from a group photo of the Televisa Deportes team. That time, Huppenkothen was quick to react on social media and wrote: "To all the sensational media. I am still with Televisa Deportes. Due to health reasons I was not able to assist the TD gather. I will see you all on Sunday on 'La Jugada.'" With that message, she shut down all the gossip that she had been fired.

Changes in the Televisa Deportes team have been heavy since the abrupt exit of the leader of the team, Javier Alarcón, back in October 2015. Alarcón was accused of embezzling money. "After a career of two decades in Televisa and as a result of restructuring in the Sports department, Mr. Javier Alarcón and Televisa Deportes have decided to end their professional relationship in the best terms," the Televisa statement read. "At this time, the Human Resources department and Mr. Alarcón are going over the process of handing over his post. We express, the prestigious communicator, our respect and thank him for the time he dedicated to the network."

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