Vanessa Ruiz Offends Viewers Over Her Accent
Local Arizona news anchor has fired back at viewers that criticized her for her accent. Watch video here! 12News

Vanessa Ruiz has made national headlines after being criticized for the way she pronounces names in Spanish. The Arizona anchor joined News 12, a local NBC affiliate, in August and ticked off some viewers over her accent. This week the broadcaster addressed that issue and said, "“Some of you have noticed that I pronounce a couple of things maybe a little bit differently than what you are used to, and I get that, and maybe even tonight you saw a little bit of it. I was lucky enough to grow up speaking two languages, and I have lived in other cities, in the U.S., South America, and Europe. So yes, I do like to pronounce certain things the way they are meant to be pronounced. And I know that change can be difficult, but it’s normal and over time I know that everything falls into place."

On the local channel's website Ruiz clarified the situation even further: "Let me be clear: My intention has never been to be disrespectful or dismissive, quite the contrary. I actually feel I am paying respect to the way some of Arizona's first, original settlers intended for some things to be said. I know it may surprise some of you and maybe even rub some people the wrong way. I get it and know I am always open to engage in thoughtful dialogue about it. I don't intend to come to Phoenix and do things "my way," however my goal is to stay authentic to who I am while, hopefully, making our newscasts more open and inclusive to everyone, no matter where they come from." You can watch the video of her firing back at critics down below!

However, prior to joining the Phoenix NBC affiliate, Vanessa reported for NBC 4 in Los Angeles. In the second video attached to this story, the on-air reporter does not pronounce "Los Angeles" in Spanish and for that matter, even her name. There's a whole piece that alleges the news station is creating "Racism For Ratings." What do you think of this dilemma? Weigh in on our comment section down below.

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