Just a few hours after "Velvet's" grand finale aired, we spoke with one of the main actors of this Spanish romantic series set in the 50s and 60s.

Talking to the talented Adrián Lastra, who played "Pedro," essential element on the successful Spanish series has been a pleasure. His spontaneity, sense of humor and professionalism when talking about the projects in which he has participated and those to come, is contagious.

Since the first time the Latin community had the opportunity to watch this series, the amazing work of direction, every detail, and the quality of each character was obvious. Three of the characters that impressed the most because of their jocosity and that charming touch of naiveté, were "Rita" played by Cecilia Freire, "Clara" portrayed by Marta Hazas, and "Pedro" brought to life by Adrián Lastra. This trio had a magnificent potential and from the first season showed us that their strength in the series would increase more and more throughout every season.

"Pedro" is undoubtedly one of the characters that grew with such power, that even as a secondary one, stood itself up on the same level as the lead roles. The person responsible for this incredible impact is  actor Adrián Lastra. The 32 year old “Madrileño” spoke to LatinTimes exclusively from Spain.

Latin Times: This year has been very important for you. Could you highlight the best moments from 2016 for your life and career?

Adrián Lastra: This year has been professionally one of the best years of my life. Every year is better. On each one I get positive things from the previous year. Honestly, this 2016 has been full of theater, especially because of the play  "El Discurso del Rey," which was touring here in Spain. And then of course and amazing year with "Velvet," and later I had a role on a film called “Toc toc.” I finished 2016 going to the Dominican Republic where I shot a movie.

 Personally, when you have your family, friends, and your girl, you have everything you could ask for. There have been sad times but that needs to happen so that we can continue to grow in happiness.

LT: The last season of Velvet has been highly anticipated. How do you feel about the finale and how could you describe the "Velvet experience" in your life?

AL: We have just streamed the final episode with a live broadcast. We made history in our country because there had never been a live broadcast of the last season of any series like this one. I always say: thanks for the opportunity to be Pedro. Thanks for the chance to work with Cecilia Freire, who played Rita; And of course all “Velvet” fans because without them since the first season, we would not have done or reached all this. The live broadcast was our gift to them, as we say goodbye to each other.

LT: Would you say that "Velvet" is the project that has given you the biggest exposure in your acting career?

AL: Of course, it has changed my life, both professionally and personally. All the great things that have happened in the series are very difficult to repeat. I was speaking to the actor Javier Rey, who played Mateo on the series, and commented that as actors we get used to the fact that the whole job is like that, that we will always find very talented people who are going to be generous with their talent. But that’s hard to find. Many people who are very talented keep their talents to themselves instead of sharing. The good thing about all this is that I give you my talent; you give me yours and together we create this "masterpiece."

LT: How did you prepare for your character "Pedro" and how is your relationship with actress Cecilia Freire?

AL: I prepared for Pedro with a lot of intuition; I try to work with intuition because I did not study acting. The character carries me away because of what I read, what I feel and what I think. But, it's clear that you build something, not just by looking at your navel because we need the other character working with you, to make yours grow. Pedro and Rita are characters that have been so popular, because Cecilia and I supported each other, we said it from the beginning. We were very small characters. We only had like 4 scenes per episode. But, there was a moment when we said: "Let's create something together," and the production team let us improvise, create and do everything we could do. About the other question, It is clear that what I feel for Rita is different than the love I feel for Cecilia. My love for Cecilia is out of this world. It's going to cost us a lot to find partners like that. That is difficult to be repeated, especially because of the vanity and ego that covers this industry.

LT: Is there any possibility to see a new version of the series?

AL: "Velvet" is finished. Maybe they would like to do a spin-off in the future but I think the producer would be interested in doing something different, away from what we have seen.

LT: We know that you sing, are you interested in music in the not-too-distant future?

AL: Now that I have few weeks to relax, I want to play music. People always encourage me to make an album but at this time of my life I really think it would be great to do something in Latin America. I think it would be very interesting.

LT: Do you dream of goin to Hollywood someday?

AL: No. I'm not saying I would never do it, but it's not my dream. I really don’t have the dream nor the ambition to say that I have to go there. I can go and work but it's not like a dream. Once someone said to me: "If Hollywood does not call you, do not go."

LT: So, what is your dream?

AL: Honestly, to be happy. I hope every day that I wake up I can be happy. And about my professional dreams, I can tell you that I am very jealous of the future. I like to be surprised. I know that surprises will come, and you have to trust because if you don’t trust yourself, who will. I'm only 32 years old; I'm starting life.

LT: If you hadn’t been "Pedro," what other character would you have liked to play?

AL: Mateo. I would’ve loved to do it. I love Javier Rey. I am a fan of his charisma, comedy and elegance. Above all I would’ve liked it because all the characters that usually castings give me are always very comical, the naive, the drunk... but to make a classy, ​​elegant guy with his comedy, would be amazing.

LT: How did you end up working in Dominican Republic on the recently filmed movie "Nadie Muere en Ambrosía"?

AL: My agent informed me that there was a person interested in me as an actor for a movie in Dominican Republic. I read a treatment of the script and only by reading the synopsis I said yes. I did not hesitate. It was a very beautiful story and a beautiful character.  That story is difficult to recreate here in Spain because of the locations. Everything in the film has been natural, the village of Ambrosía was Altos de Chavón in La Romana, which is beautiful. I had to audition, because even though they liked me as an actor, they had to see if I was a good fit on the physical and emotional needs they wanted from the character.

LT: What is "Nadie muere en Ambrosía" about?

AL: It's the story of Lazaro, my character, who is diagnosed with a terminal illness. He is hit by a car and for reasons that you will understand in the film is given the gift of eternal life. He was sent to Ambrosía, a town where people don’t die. The film talks about pirates, rum, many blades, it's a fantastic story. It makes you question: What’s more important, to live eternally or to follow the course of life that is death? Because eternal life can lead you to loneliness but death is something that is by nature.

LT: What other projects do you have for 2017?

AL: Well I have some movies coming out and a small theater project I cannot talk about right now.