A Bunk Bed With Striped Linen Behind Bars
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Venezuelan human rights organizations on Wednesday urged the government to release the attorney and activist Rocío San Miguel after she was detained over allegations of being involved in a plot to kill President Nicolás Maduro and other top officials.

Several representatives from human rights groups expressed their concern about the detention and condemned the fact that the activist is unable to access the legal adviser of her choice.

Cofavic Claudia Carrillo, coordinator of victims' psychological care at the Venezuela-based organization, stated that the "prolonged isolation and lack of communication to which the defender Rocío San Miguel and her family have been subjected represent forms of cruel and inhuman treatment, harmful to the psychological and moral freedom of the person," AP News reported.

Carrillo noted that this detention creates an "intimidating effect," generating polarization and reducing the public's trust in the federal government.

The Biden administration also condemned the detentions and urged the Maduro-led administration to immediately release the activist. Furthermore, the human rights handle of the United Nations and the Canadian government also raised their voice against the detention.

"We are following up on the detention of human rights defender Rocio San Miguel with deep concern. Her whereabouts remain unknown, potentially qualifying her detention as an enforced disappearance. We urge her immediate release & respect for her right to legal defense," UN Human Rights posted on its official X handle (formerly Twitter).

Miguel got detained on Feb. 9 at the airport near Caracas while she was about to catch a flight with her daughter Miranda Díaz to Miami. Following the detention, her daughter, ex-husband Victor Díaz, two brothers, and former partner were taken into custody by Venezuelan authorities.

Attorney General Tarek William Saab disclosed Wednesday that Miguel is accused of plotting the murder of the president alongside other officials. Moreover, the activist has also been allegedly linked to attacking military units across the country.

Saab also shared that several military members have been arrested in connection with the alleged plan, revealing her role to the government authorities. While Saab claimed he got evidence, he didn't present any.

The 57-year-old activist is well-known for researching against corrupt armed forces in Venezuela and she serves as the head of the non-governmental organization Control Ciudadano. The organization focuses on various issues, including human rights, security, and the armed forces.

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