Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro has agreed to meet with members of the opposition. Following a meeting with the Union of South American Nations (Unasur) at the Presidential Palace as part of the National Conference Peace initiated by the troulbed South American nation, President Maduro revealed that he would be meeting opposition leaders tomorrow. Maduro made the announcement this afternoon and revealed that Unasur leaders would also be present at the meeting.

"Unasur has proposed a meeting with the opposition tomorrow. If we are able to carry out this meeting it will be a very positive message of peace. I will continue to call for a model of peace and conviviality," said president Maduro, who insisted that "we have to go through a process of healing the wounds that has been left by the protests and the intended attack on the State." President Maduro urged people to have faith in what this visti from Unasur can achieve.

Leaders from Brazil, Uruguay, Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador, Argentina, Colombia and Suriname met with President Maduro today. Maduro explained tha the meeting was an important element in "the equation for peace and the dialogue with the opposition." Maduro also insisted that "we will keep working to guarantee the freedom and liberty of all Venezuelans." However, Maduro also warned that opposition leaders should carefully consider their "level of security" as he assured there are "plans to attack them."