Juan Pablo Galavis, Dayana Mendoza, Miguel Cabrera
Juan Pablo Galavis, Dayana Mendoza, Miguel Cabrera and other Venezuelans weigh in against Nicolás Maduro. Getty Images

Protests in Venezuela have gotten increasingly violent and correspondingly a number of prominent Venezuelans have spoken out in support of the students. From reality TV stars to politicians, actors and beauty queens, famous Venezuelans have taken to social media to express their solidarity with the current cause. Four people have been killed and several more have been injured in protests that started last week demanding action from President Maduro.

Gaby Espino has been active on Twitter showing her support for her country: "Venezuelan friends, my prayers and thoughts are with you. I hope that peace returns soon!" The Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis has been actively outspoken on both Twitter and Facebook. "This is HOW our NATIONAL guard protects Venezuela," he wrote, with a photo of guards assaulting a protester with guns. He has also posted a number of photos and videos detailing the action in Caracas.

Many have written just asking for peace above all things. "We Venezuelans must become transporters and communicaters of PEACE!" wrote Miguel Cabrera." Meanwhile baseball star Pablo Sandoval wrote "From a distance, I join the chain of prayers for my beloved Venezuela! Let God grant us Tolerance, Peace and Unity." Former Miss Universe Dayana Mendoza wrote "Everyone join Venezuela! From NYC SOS!

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