Verónica Castro
Mexican telenovela queen has broken her silence about her son's quick wedding. Instagram/vrocastrooficial

Verónica Castro is one of Mexico's most beloved stars. The telenovela queen was taken by surprise -just like the rest of us- when she found out her son Cristian Castro got married and although she was invited she did not attend because she thought it was all a joke. "They did it all so unexpectedly," she told "Ventaneando." "I don't know why they did it that way, but that's how they decided to get married and that's fine. Oh well, what can we do?"

When news broke that Cristian had tied the knot again it was reported the "Rosa Salvaje" star did not attend because she opposed the marriage. However, the actress did confirm she did receive an invitation, but she didn't think it was real. "[Cristian] sent me a little card last week and it said that he was going to get married," she said. "I told myself, 'no, no, no, it's a joke, this can't be true.' It's Cristian and he's my son, I know how he is. It was a little card that was very normal."

Verónica revealed that she doesn't know her now daughter-in-law. "I only laugh now, or else I would have a bad time," she added. "I don't want to have a bad time anymore. I know she is a good girl and that she also works in music. Hope everything goes well. I can't get mad or say anything. I don't know her, he has not presented her to me. My mom is also in shock. I don't know why he rushed it, they are mature, they know what they are doing. May God bless them, and all of us, hope they are happy, period."

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