'La Malquerida' Coming Soon To Univision
Victoria Ruffo returns to television in an adaptation based on a play from Nobel Prize winner Jacinto Benavente. Televisa

Victoria Ruffo is back to the small screen in a brand new telenovela called "La Malquerida." Produced by José Alberto Castro who has brought us "Teresa," "La Que No Podía Amar" and "Corona De Lágrimas" comes another captivating story based on the work by Spanish playwright Jacinto Benavente. The first promo highlights the fact that Televisa is adapting a masterpiece. "From the mind of a Nobel Prize winner an exceptional literary work surges now made into a telenovela," the announcer says. Although we don't see any scenes from the series, we know that it also stars Ariadne Diaz, Mane de la Parra and Christian Meier. It is the first time that "La Malquerida" is being remade into a telenovela which was previously adapted in Mexico as a film starring starring Dolores del Río, Pedro Armendariz and Columba Dominguez.

The second promo for "La Malquerida" has also been making the rounds and this one has a quote from Buddha that reads, "Passion awakens the desire to possess, and this awakens the desire to kill..." This alludes to the gritty storyline that will have mother-daughter dispute the love of a man. In the original story of "La Malquerida" Ruffo's character remarries another man after her first husband (and father of her daughter) dies. At first her daughter (Diaz) finds her step-father repulsive, but that strong feeling turns into lust, which then turns into a torrid romance. The leading male role has not been announced yet, but it is widely speculated that Christian Meier take on that task. The Peruvian heartthrob had previously worked in Mexico, but for Televisa's main competitor, Azteca on telenovelas like "Amor Es Querer Con Alevosía" and "Lo Que Es El Amor." Ariadne's love interest will be played byMane de la Parra (who is pictured above with her).

Casting "La Malquerida" was a difficult task for the producer and names like Cecilia Suárez, Silvia Navarro and Lucero were in the mix to possibly star in the soap. Rumor has it that Lucero had the role, but when Castro proposed it to the television executives they declined as her animal hunting scandal was still fresh in people's minds and could affect the ratings negatively. It will be interesting to find out if the story will have to be adjusted to fit in Victoria Ruffo into the part as the actressed that were postulated to take on the role are very different from each other. Watch the "La Malquerida" promos down below and tell us what you think!

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