A former NFL player was arrested for stealing after camera footage from an airport caught him swiping luggage and stealing a phone charger from one of the suitcase carousels in the area despite reportedly not having a flight scheduled.

Damian Parms, an ex-defensive back and former NFL player who has been described as a “bench-warmer” by some outlets, was arrested after CCTV footage caught him snatching a phone charger from a bag at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, according to the New York Post.

Parms was shown idling about in the luggage carousel of the airport before taking one of the bags and going to a different area to search the luggage. He ended up taking out a phone charger before walking to the north side of the terminal and putting the luggage in a different carousel, Fox 5 reported.

He then left the terminal for a short while before returning again to the carousel area, potentially to repeat his actions again. Police officers in the airport confronted him, and body camera footage shows the young man being arrested for the crime.

When questioned by police officers in the area if he even had a flight booked that led him to the airport, Parms responded in a negative way, prompting officers to tell him that he had “had no business even coming to a carousel” in the first place.

Parms is a former NFL player who was signed to the Atlanta Falcons in 2015 after graduating from the Florida Atlantic University and remaining undrafted. He eventually was let go from the team within the same year, and found himself signed to brief tenures with the Buffalo Bills and Carolina Panthers.

He has reportedly never actually played an NFL game during his short career as a player. It is unclear what he decided to do after he was let go by the three teams.

He is currently staying in Clayton Jail for theft charges.

Former NFL Player Luggage Theft Rep. Pic
A former NFL player was arrested at an Atlanta airport after he was caught on camera swiping luggage and stealing some of the objects inside of it. This is a representational image. Dimitri Karastelev/Unsplash.

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