A man from Vietnam lost his manhood after his wife caught him using a spy camera behaving unusually with her niece.

The wife, known only as Ms. N, placed a spy camera by the girl’s bed after her stepdaughter complained about her uncle’s actions towards her on several occasions.

The man was identified only as Mr. Nguyen Van H. He reportedly engaged in bad behavior towards his wife’s stepchildren. The ages of the children were not revealed and the “unusual” behavior or actions were not detailed in the report. It was also not mentioned in the report when the odd behavior started.

It was on Mar. 18 when the woman checked the spy camera and saw the “unusual” behavior of her husband.

She told police that she had purchased a knife and waited until Mr. Nguyen Van H was sleeping before she exacted revenge.

Footage of the event was seen by authorities. The amputation was reportedly so close to the man’s torso that it made it impossible for medics to save his weenie, Blogtuan.info reported.

Mr. Van H was rushed to the Son La Provincial General Hospital after the incident. However, the damage was so severe that attending medical personnel had given up trying to save it.

“The surgery was very difficult for the doctor because the wound was completely cut and the skin was gone, making it difficult to shape. Besides, the penis is cut with a knife requires doctors to treat the wound, wash the severed part properly to avoid infection,” Dr. Dinh Khac Truong said.

Truong also explained that the three main reasons for penis amputation that he sees tend to be self-cutting often due to depression or mental disorders’ cut by his wife, girlfriend, etc. due to jealousy or emotional conflict; and finally by accident like at work or in a car crash.

medical procedure
medical procedure Photo by National Cancer Institute via Unsplasah

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