Gabriel Soto is one of the most beloved heartthrobs in telenovelas. The Mexican actor is currently shooting scenes in the beautiful Sonoma, Calif. for his upcoming project "Vino El Amor."

Production has been filming on location at Viansa Sonoma and has been causing a ruckus amongst employees that know Soto for his previous works on the small screen. 

“Our Mexican employees said that having Gabriel here is like if we were hosting Tom Cruise at the height of his fame,” said Viansa’s general manager Phillip Hansell to Sonoma Indez-Tribune.

Soto added, "This is such a beautiful place, we never want to leave. I love our hotel, I love this winery.”

The central plot of "Vino El Amor" revolves around a winery and producer José Alberto Castro chose Sonoma Valley for the location of this new soap. 

“I came to Sonoma on vacation three years ago,” said Castro. “Ever since then I have wanted to set a show here. It is such a beautiful place and we have found the people to be exceptionally friendly.”

A remake of Chilean series "La Chúcara," "Vino El Amor" brings to light the life of Mexican-Americans seeking not only the American Dream, but also success in family and love.

Vicente is depressed after having lost his wife in a seemingly provoked accident, so much so that he begins to neglect his children and the vineyard he loves so much. His mother-in-law and supposed best friend try to take advantage of the situation to take Vicente's fortune, but their plans are disrupted by an unexpected arrival.

Laura, a cheerful and spontaneous young woman who grew up on the vineyard with her father many years ago, returns to turn Vicente's life upside down. Through their love-hate relationship, Laura breathes new life into Vicente and rekindles his love for life and for his Napa Valley vineyard.

Confirmed cast members for "Vino El Amor" include Kimberly Dos Ramos ("¿Quién Es Quien?"), Christian De La Campa ("Tierra De Reyes"), Laura Carmine ("Amor Bravio"), Sofia Castro ("El Hotel De Los Secretos"), Alejandro Avila ("Que Te Perdone Dios"), Verónica Jaspeado ("Lo Que La Vida Me Robó") Luciano Zacharski ("Así En El Barrio Como En El Cielo"), José Eduardo Derbez ("Amores Con Trampa"), Cynthia Klitbo ("La Casa En La Playa"), Azela Robinson ("Yo No Creo En Los Hombres") and many more.

"Vino El Amor" will being broadcasting sometime this fall on Univision.