A restaurant in 6376 Ridgewood Court Miss MS was disturbed after a brawl started. Miscreants hurled chairs, utensils and napkin holders after a heated argument involving customers.

The fight is said to be taken place on Saturday at the Juicy Seafood restaurant, formerly known as the Kickin’ Crab. It started after a head-to-head between two groups eating at the place. No further details were divulged on what started it.

“It was very disruptive.” Kickin’ Crab’s assistant manager Stella Jones said in a Jackson news report from WAPT. She called the police as she worried children could get hurt as chairs were sent flying over and over again.

No arrests have been made as the fight escalated into a fistfight. The police arrived on the spot but the suspects were nowhere to be found. They were able to leave the place before the cops arrived, leaving the restaurant in a complete mess.

Ward 1 Jackson City Councilwoman Ashby Foote said, "If citizens out there recognize people in the video, I hope they'll call up the police or the police station and let them know so we can track these people down and hold them accountable."

Although no other customers were badly hurt during the incident, the restaurant offered discounts to them. No employees from the restaurant were reported to be injured. Photos of the suspects’ license plates were turned over to the Jackson police including footage of the fight that is doing the rounds online.

Meanwhile, another issue that has left the residents of Jackson in disappointment is the continuous illegal street racing that has been recurring in the area. Councilman Foote said that it is fearsome and can lead fatalities.

The actual video of the incident was posted on the internet. The residents are disappointed and expressed that these brawls happen almost regularly. These incidents result in disturbance of both private and public property.

"I think we have to be proactive in doing this because it really scares a lot of the citizens," she noted, as reported by WAPT, adding how they need to look for better ordinances to see if there may be a way of controlling the situation.

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