A bombshell report has revealed that Russian President Putin could sacrifice his own army for a hollow victory in Ukraine just to save his skin.

A secret analysis of the invasion said that Putin believes 30,350 of his troops are a "price worth paying" for a small victory in eastern Ukraine, reported The Sun. The new report, which was written by a top UK analyst on Russia and seen by senior UK government officials, warned Putin’s blood sacrifice may be a step too far for his troops.

After losing thousands of soldiers to the fierce Ukrainian resistance, the Russian Army is now said to be on the brink of collapse. On Monday, Putin’s troops entered Sievierodonetsk in Ukraine sparking fierce fighting in the ruins of the latest concentration of Russian violence against the country. Russia’s latest suspected losses in weaponry are 207 warplanes destroyed, along with 1349 tanks, 174 helicopters, and 13 boats, according to fresh figures, reported Mirror.

Kremlin figures have tried in vain to persuade Putin his invasion is a catastrophe, but that the Russian leader believes he can still win a “partial victory," suggested the new report. The analysis doesn't believe that failure in Ukraine to even win outright in Donbas will lead to Putin ordering a nuclear strike, but it suggested the Russian President has convinced himself that a win in Donbas is now in sight. It will apparently give him huge leverage against Kyiv.

This comes amid reports of mutinies within the Russian Army over poor conditions. They are also said to be unhappy due to the sheer weight of losses among the troops. The report said that Russia’s attempt to "achieve a speedy and decisive victory in the Donbas has not yet succeeded." According to the report, the Russians are now achieving what successes "they have mostly by means of a slogging match with repeated, very costly, infantry attacks reminiscent of 1945 not 2022."

British Russia commentator Bruce Jones said that there has to be a point when Russian Army "cannot take any more losses, a cut-off point." He added that this would be a "straw that broke the camel’s moment, where units would no longer be able to function as a fighting force because they are so depleted."

Vladimir Putin
Russian President Vladimir Putin takes part in an economic forum of former Soviet countries held in Bishkek, via a video link in Moscow on May 26, 2022. Photo by Mikhail Metzel/Sputnik/AFP via Getty Images

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