A decade since Kanye West offensively interrupted Taylor Swift onstage as she was going to make her thank you speech for winning the “Best Female Video” award for “You Belong With Me” at the VMAs, it is apparent that Swift has not quite moved on. West, on the other hand, looks like he moved on for good, not even caring to show up at VMA 2019. 

Swift is the one tasked to open the show this year. While fans are anticipating her performance, many are also looking to see if she will say something about what happened exactly 10 years ago, and she didn’t disappoint. It’s only a little dig on West, but it’s still a great clapback.  

In her defense, she didn’t just randomly raise the issue up herself. She was asked about West while on the red carpet of VMA 2019, and she just responded. “You never know what can happen on this show, as I’ve learned,” she said, as reported by Hollywood Life

Not yet moved on? Apparently. But it’s the 10th anniversary of that very unnecessary and yet so hurtful incident after all. 

It can be remembered that back at VMA 2009, bright-eyed Swift, who was just starting to carve her name in the music scene, won the best female video for the still-catchy song “Yon Belong with Me.” Instead of being given the chance to savor the moment and say her speech without fanfare and drama, West ruined the moment by grabbing the mic from her and saying that Beyoncé deserves the award more for her “Single Ladies” video. 

Everyone in the audience was surprised, even those at home. Beyoncé herself couldn’t believe it. In a new report now detailing more of what happened after the scandalous incident, Beyoncé is said to have cried backstage. Viacom's former president, Van Toffler, revealed that the singer felt sorry for Swift and was emotional with her dad.

new dig from Taylor Swift, some new details about what happened afterwards – it appears that the scandal is far from over. And yet West himself seems to have moved on from it. 

He didn’t show up at all at VMA 2019, as if saying he doesn’t care anymore. Instead, he preferred to  chill at  Ohio, particularly at the Cheesecake Factory.

According to Page Six, West and his wife, Kim Kardashian, spent two days at the Cheesecake Factory, Friday and Saturday. West asked to stay so he can be part of a special service held on Sunday for victims of the mass shooting earlier this month. 

Kanye West Image of Kanye West. G.6sou/Flickr