This definitely has to be a late April Fools’ joke. According to the website MacorisSerie23, Walter Mercado has allegedly stated that God asked him to write a second part of The Bible. “It’s the first time I talk to Him,” the famous Latin American astrologer supposedly said. “He asked me to be an intermediary, like the old prophets, so he could dictate me the sequel to The Bible,” Mercado continued. “I feel very honored. With great power comes great responsibility.”

According to the online publication, Walter Mercado continued, “God wants to take advantage of the success that has been The Bible in terms of sales, and He’s sure that a sequel will be another bestseller. He needs my help because He has too much work.” Mercado also allegedly joked, “God told me that answering prayers, make our soccer teams win, end war and famine and give Ricardo Arjona inspiration takes up his whole day.” This last part made us really question the veracity of this whole thing, and even if it’s not true, it sure made up for a great laugh.

But that’s not all though. Mercado allegedly added that even though technology today is very advanced, God wants to give this new Bible a “retro touch.” “There will be style changes, it’ll be a simple and direct narrative and that way it will help avoid the issues that the first Bible has caused with people interpreting it too literally.” As for the date when this supposed “new Bible” will come out? It’s still to be determined, according to the online publication that reported this hilarious “news.”

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