Want To Punch Donald Trump In The Face? Here's Your Chance With 'Trumpéalo' App

Donald Trump Game
Karaokulta designs app inspired by Donald Trump. Karaokulta/Trumpéalo Beta

Donald Trump’s comments about Latinos in the U.S. during his presidential candidacy speech have created a lot of controversy in the past couple of months. Whether Trump is using his “bluntness” as a political strategy, or because that is just the way he is and thinks, many Latinos, including celebrities, have expressed their disappointment and disgust towards the real estate tycoon’s statements.

Trump’s actions and continuous rants have made him the center of attention and just when you think he has nothing more to say, he goes on camera and makes another delusional declaration. Well, I don’t know about you, but sometimes I do want to punch him in the face.

For those of you who are with me, Karaokulta is designing a new app called “Trumpéalo.” Users who decide to download this new game, which will be available for PCs, iOS and Android, will have the chance to throw things at Donald Trump while he is attempting to leave the podium after his speech.

During an interview with Milenio.com, Karaokulta’s CEO Jorge Suárez mentions that sometimes you have to see the funny side in these kind of situations, and that’s where they are coming from with the creation of this game, “If you are a supporter you can throw flowers and money at him, if you don’t you can throw other kinds of stuff and the whole idea is to get points, if you throw flowers and money at him that will get him off the podium, but the idea here is to not let him leave.”

Suárez added that the game is still in the works and they would love to hear suggestions from potential users, “It’s not finished yet, our goal is to have people tell us what other features they want the game to have and that’s why we only have it in ‘beta,’ it’s just a preliminary version.”

“Trumpéalo” is expected to be available in all platforms in the next 2 or 3 weeks. In the meantime, feel free to try it out at http://trumpealo.karaokulta.com and send your suggestions and ideas to http://patron.karaokulta.com.

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