A 59-year-old wanted man thought he could elude the police when he hid under a mattress at his hideout. Unfortunately for him, there was also a K-9 present and the dog was able to locate him.

The man, identified as Michael Lewis is wanted for grand theft of a motor vehicle and resisting without violence. The Hernando County Sheriff’s Office got word of his location on Monday and deputies were dispatched to the abode.

Deputies were dispatched and got some assistance from a K-9 unit per an official statement. A K-9 named “Justice” was with his handler Cpl. Steve Miller. The latter announced their presence at the time and it appears Lewis tried to make it look like that no one was home. They went through all the rooms before reaching the bedroom where the 59-year-old was hiding.

Miller unleashed “Justice” to sniff out the place. When the dog reached the bedroom, he was excitedly circling a bed. The officer lifted the mattress after which “Justice” stuck his head under it.

A man screamed after it got bitten in the face by the canine as well as his right arm.

After the incident, police playfully stated that the K-9’s strengths are his "Jaws of Justice," while Lewis’ weakness is his "hiding ability."

Lewis was eventually taken into custody without further incident. He was brought to the hospital to have his dog bites treated.

The 59-year-old is now held at the Hernando County Detention Center on a $3,500 bond. There was no mention of whether Lewis already had legal representation ready.

Authorities have relied heavily on K-9 assistance on integral police work. German Shepherds are the ones normally used because of their high level of intelligence, ability to follow commands and able to work long hours. They are known to be quick, athletic have a protective nature and exhibits calmness under pressure.

A K-9 handler walks with a specially trained dog
A K-9 handler walks with a specially trained dog Getty Images | CHANDAN KHANNA/AFP

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