Popular celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie can’t escape being compared with each other by their adoring fans, especially since they’re both linked to the same man. Thus, people can’t help but wonder who among Brad Pitt’s ex-wives was a better partner for him.

Of course, only Pitt has the last say on the issue, but the actor is such a gentleman that he kept his silence. Fortunately, some people who worked for Pitt have no qualms about making comparisons between Aniston and Jolie as far their relationship with the actor is concerned.

According to Kris Herzog, Pitt’s security advisor, Pitt and Aniston never had any issues before Jolie came into the picture. “I never heard of them fighting,” Herzog talked about Pitt and Aniston on Australia’s Yahoo! Lifestyle in 2016.

“I never heard rumours of cheating,” the celebrity bodyguard added. “I never heard anything bad between Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt before he met Angelina Jolie.”

Herzog also added that Aniston loved Pitt deeply and was faithful to him when they were still a couple. The bodyguard also said that he did not believe she “looked at other guys” when she was with him.” Talking about his employer, Herzog said that Pitt was “one hundred percent happy” when married to his first wife.”

Meanwhile, Herzog likewise revealed that Pitt and Jolie’s relationship was a bit different. “It was, ‘We are the most powerful celebrity couple in the world,’ and that was primarily Angelina pushing he public image,” the bodyguard said about the couple.

Indeed, Aniston has this wonderful ability of remaining friends with her exes. For instance, she is still on friendly terms with former husband Justin Theroux based on the latter’s social media post.

“Happy Birthday to this fierce Woman,” Theroux greeted his ex-wife via an Instagram post in February. “Fiercely loving. Fiercely kind. … and fiercely funny [love heart emoji] you B.”

Aniston is also friends with Pitt. In fact, the actor was a guest on her birthday party in February, which promptly sparked speculations that they might be rekindling the relationship.

Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston Popular tourist attraction Madame Tussauds unveils its seasonal waxwork scene, featuring models of (L-R) Angelina Jolie as the Wicked Step Mother, Brad Pit as Prince Charming from Snow White And Jennifer Aniston as Snow White at the Marylebone Road tourist attraction. Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images