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Find out what happens in "American Crime" season 1 episode five. ABC/American Crime

Tonight is an all-new episode of "American Crime" on ABC. Carter (Elvis Nolasco) is released from jail and is possibly contemplating fleeing to avoid his trial and potentially an execution. This article does contain spoilers about the coming episode of "American Crime" so read at your own risk.

ABC released a sneak peek clip featuring Carter and Aubry's (Caitlin Gerard) reunion. Soon after he is released on bail Aubry, in a desperate attempt to keep him from facing trial cuts his ankle bracelet. This forces him into a tight spot leaving him with only one option, to run. She suggest he make a run for the Canadian border but he doesn't seem too pleased with her actions or her plan.

In last weeks epiosde, "Episode Four," Russ and Barb's youngest son, Mark, comes to Modesto to support his estranged parents as emotions run high when new information allows Carter's defense team to be granted a bail hearing. Meanwhile, Aliyah (Regina King) wants her brother to stay away from Aubry; and Tony gets out of juvenile hall on a probationary release into Alonzo's care.

The TV Guide synopsis for "Episode Five" reads: "Carter and Aubry are reunited after his release, but she convinces him to make a run for Canada to keep him from facing trial and a possibility of the death penalty. Meanwhile, Mark (David Hoflin) tells Barb (Felicity Huffman) about his fiancée after Matt's funeral in Oakland; and Alonzo (Benito Martinez) tries to repair his relationship with Tony (Johnny Ortiz)."

There are a couple of ways to watch the new episode of "American Crime" tonight. The first is to tune in live on ABC, but if you are away from home you can login to ABC's website and stream the episode live from a computer. Or you can download the ABC app and watch the episode from your phone or tablet and you can catch up on previous episodes of "American Crime." A third option is to buy the episode from iTunes or Amazon Instant Video which cost about $2 but won't be available until the day after it airs.

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