Tonight watch the "Big Bang Theory's" first ever Thanksgiving episode, "The Thanksgiving Decoupling" on CBS. Thanksgiving is a time for sharing and Penny has got some news to share that will shock everyone, especially Leonard. Do you remember Penny's well-meaning yet dimwitted ex-boyfriend Zach? Well as it turns out Penny and Zach or not as over as one may think. No she isn't cheating on Leonard with Zach, technically Penny is cheating on Zach with Leonard. Confused? Well we all are because Penny and Zach are married!

Mrs. Wolowitz invites Howard, Bernadette and all of their friends to her home for a Thanksgiving meal. Leonard is happy to go because it means he will get a year without Sheldon complaining about how he prepared their Thanksgiving dinner. Also joining the gang for dinner will be Bernadette's family, including her father, which Howard is less than pleased about. Bernadette's father has always made Howard uncomfortable and it is not hard to see why. Howard's father-in-law is a hard-nosed former cop who thinks his daughter could have done better than Howard.

In the promo for tonight's episode we see the whole gang pitching in to help Mrs. Wolowitz prepare her meal. Raj is excited to help with the cooking and jokes that "it would not be Thanksgiving without an Indian providing the food." In the same scene Bernadette tries to get Howard to spend time with her dad and he reluctantly agrees. In the promo we see a bewildered Amy walk into the kitchen where Raj and Bernadette are cook and she says, "Did you guys know Penny married Zach three years ago."

Everyone is shocked when they learn the truth and Penny attempts to get an annulment but Zach won't sign. Tune into CBS tonight at 8pm ET for an all-new holiday themed "Big Bang Theory. If you'll be missing tonight's episode catch up online anytime at

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