Watch Clint Dempsey Take Kick In The Nose During USA Vs Ghana World Cup 2014 Match [VIDEO]

Watch Clint Dempsey Take Kick In The Nose!
Clint Dempsey was quick to score the first goal in the U.S. World Cup soccer match against Ghana, but was soon injured. Watch the moment here! Reuters

Clint Dempsey and U.S. soccer team made their debut at the 2014 FIFA World Cup earlier today in Natal, Brazil. Dempsey made his presence known at the 30-second mark in the USA Vs. Ghana match giving the stars and stripes team the leg up scoring the first goal. It was a leg up from the opposing team that injured the striker, leaving him bloody with a probable broken nose. The red, white and blue teammate showed off his professionalism, wiped himself clean and continued on with the game to fight with his team. Now that moment can be relived in its GIF glory over and over again. See looping image and video of the moment down below!

Viral moments like this have been produced throughout the soccer tournament. Yesterday, as Argentina made their debut in the World Cup, Lionel Messi was the center of controversy. As the 26-year-old striker made his way through a tunnel to shake officials' hands a child approaches the star, extends his hand but is completely shunned. Imagine the feelings of this kid, a fan of the player that watches his games on tv every weekend and here was his moment to meet his idol, but got ignored. As it is Messi is heavily criticized for being arrogant, but to be fair it does look like he waves at someone before getting the officials. Some sites have cited that it might be that the player known as "La Pulga" ("The Flea") didn't see him because of the height difference, but Messi is already relatively short. Relive that moment and tell us what you think here!

Soccer fever has taken over the world and someone that has gotten infected by the fervor was Mickey Mouse, the lovable Disney character. In a new short titled "O Futebol Classico" ("The Soccer Classic") Mickey has traveled to Brazil to presence a match. All is well at the stadium, Mickey has all his gear to cheer on his team and finds a great spot to view the game. There is only one problem though, a giant pig sits right in front of him, blocking his sight and unable to see the match. He tries to tell her that her hat is obstructing his view, but when she takes the hat off a massive ball of hair pops open making it worse. The following moments has Mickey trying to score better seats, flying balloons over the arena and even sitting right on the field. Watch the animated short here!

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