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Netizens were spooked by a recent clip that went viral on the internet and showed legs jogging down a dark street, unattached to a body.

The creepy clip left users baffled, and triggered online debates on the myriad possibilities that could’ve led to the strange sight. The focus of the footage, which was originally that of a child watching a white rabbit, took a detour when people noticed a rather eerie phenomenon in the backdrop.

The footage which was captured purely by accident, caught the attention of The Hidden Underbelly 2.0, a popular conspiracy theory channel, which failed to trace its source.

A volley of users attributed it to being a “ghost” or something supernatural. But, several others refuted the perspective, claiming that the child in the footage didn’t seem disturbed if at all there was indeed something sinister about the whole incident, the Daily Star reported.

A few users decided to look at things from a light-hearted approach and came up with inane, yet comical inferences. One of them quipped that it could be Harry Potter was out and about while using his invisibility cloak, but forgot to cover his legs. Meanwhile, someone else jokingly added how The Invisible Man perhaps forgot to put his shirt on.

Another user commented on the video and suggested that the video gave a whole new meaning to the term “My Pants Split”. Adding to it, someone else opined that some people disliked leg puns and that they just can’t “stand them”.

Speculations are rife that the video may also have been doctored in a subtler way with the help of a green screen, with the footage of the child and rabbit as a backdrop. There has however been no scientific explanation as yet that validates the sight, but further probe is likely to be underway to delve deep into the video that’s going viral for the strangest of reasons.

A bunch of viewers ascertained that a shadow of a torso was faintly visible for a moment before the trousers came to light. This explanation backs up the green screen theory.

Another spooky YouTube footage, which has been doing the rounds on the internet happens to be that of a fish jumping around inside an oven! The clip left millions of viewers aghast at the occurrence and social media users even demanded an explanation. The report further highlighted that the fish was filleted and missing a head, aggravating the creepiness that surrounded the whole incident.

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