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One of the places where ghosts like to hang out is in the kitchen.

The appearance of ghosts in the kitchen is confirmed by a recording by Wyze camera, which a netizen posted on Reddit on Mar. 31. The user u/NAHDOGFOREAL wrote in the caption that there's a "ghost haunting my coworker's kitchen.

He also stated that his co-worker had been showing him videos of "orbs" and "knocked over" items.

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The user said he saw videos of "orbs" and things "knocked over" in his coworker's house Screenshot/Reddit

The video becomes even more disturbing after a disembodied voice uttered the words "Why can't I Die?" The eerie video has been upvoted over 900 times on Reddit, and many believers are concerned about the "ghost."

Someone in the comments section suggested that the spirit be given a mechanism to help it pass over as efficiently as possible.

The video "saddens me," according to a second user. The Redditor suggested that the poor soul seek assistance because it could be trapped.

Others speculated that the voice was saying "why can't they die" rather than "why can't I die," which frightened them.

One user said:" 'Why can't they die?' is what I hear and that's f****** terrifying."

"Agree. I hear 'they', which is worse," said another.

On the other hand, skeptics believe the video contains no reality and that the noise may easily be faked.

"There's no background here at all," one Redditor said, while another said the video "sounds like filthy frank."

According to another commenter, several of these surveillance cameras have a two-way speaker.

"Someone could have hacked their cams (very common) and piped in audio to disturb the owners."

Do you think ghosts haunt your home? There's no need to summon the Ghostbusters. A spiritual cleanse might be just what the witch doctor ordered. Where do you begin, though? Denise Guzzardo, a psychic medium, shared five easy ways to get rid of a ghost.

Guzzardo suggested smoking some sage to get rid of the spooks. You can find some sage sticks in grocery stores. Denise explained that the scent of sage helps to clear the air. Yes, sage has a strong odor. But the bad vibes will go away by the time the smell has faded!

White candles, Guzzardo said, could also ward off supernatural spooks. She added white candles give off good energy. So she suggested using candlelight to dispel the gloom in the house.

If you don't want to burn things in your home, Guzzardo recommended sprinkling salt in the house. To keep the boos at bay, she recommends dusting the home's entrance with salt. "This keeps them out," she assured.

Guzzardo said white roses can even suck ghosts out of the home. Here's where the salt's cleansing properties come into play once more. When the roses have dried out, toss them out right away. She advised rinsing salt down the drain to remove the energy absorbed by the roses.

This last tip will not be a fun experience for your phantom houseguests though. The psychic medium recommended that a person should stand where the ghosts are active, and tell the spirits: "You are not welcome here." Give them the cold shoulder afterwards by putting a stop to any spirit-calling events like seances or Ouija board parties. "This just feeds the angry spirits and makes them more active," she said.

MEDJUGORJE, BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA - AUGUST 15: Catholic believers pray at the site where the Virgin Mary is believed to have appeared in an apparition as they celebrate the Assumption of Mary on August 15, 2020 in Medjugorje, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Since the outbreak of coronavirus, many pilgrims have canceled their visit to Medjugorje but thousands still come to pray despite the pandemic. Millions of pilgrims have visited Medjugorje, since the Virgin Mary is said to have appeared to six young villagers for the first time on June 24, 1981. Damir Sagolj/Getty Images

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