Tonight on an all-new "Law and Order: SVU" detective Rollins will be dealing with a case that hits very close to home. A friend of Rollins shows up at her apartment and tells Rollins she was attacked. Rollins friend, Lena told the SVU detective that her boyfriend, a soon to be married man (to a woman who is not Lena) showed up at her home drunk. "He started kissing me and things heated up fast," Lena tells Rollins. As Rollins listens to her friend she realizes her friend was raped.

Lena tells Rollins that her and her boyfriend had sex twice with the first time was consensual. "The second time it wasn't," a crying Lena tells Rollins. "Then that's rape," Rollins says to her friend. As Rollins tries to help her friend things about the detective's past begin to surface. Rollins has known the victim and her attacker for years. The trio met at a 12-step program. Viewers already knew Rollins had a gambling problem but did not know she had a drinking issue.

As Rollins and the SVU detectives start to look into the case it quickly escalates from a he said, she said rape case into a murder investigation. "Law and order: SVU" airs on Wednesdays on NBC at 9pm ET. The cast of "SVU" includes Kelli Giddish as detective Rollins, Mariska Hargitay (Detective Olivia Benson), Ice-T (Detective Odafin Tutuola), Dann Florek (Captain Donald Cragen), Danny Pino (Detective Nick Amaro) and Raúl Esparza (ADA Rafael Barba). Recurring guest stars include Dean Winters (Brian Cassidy) and Tamara Tunie (M.E. Melinda Warner). Can't watch "SVU" tonight? Catch up online anytine at

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