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Lupillo Rivera remembering his sister Jenni Rivera one year after her death. Twitter/lupillo8

Jenni Rivera passed away a year ago in a tragic accident that left the Rivera family distraught. Her brother, Lupillo Rivera, has mourned and coped with her death by dedicating his concerts to her. Lupillo paid tribute to Jenni in a special concert in Iturbide, Nuevo León where the plane crash landed. "Serenata De Respeto" was dedicated to the late singer where her parents, Don Pedro and Doña Rosa, assisted to remember their daughter. "Thank you for this unforgettable night, it is here where I close the cycle of tributes to my sisters," the singer said during the event while breaking into tears. The homage proved to be very difficult for Lupillo as his voice cracked and tears ran down his face while singing "the songs that [his] sister most asked for at parties." "La Diva de la Banda" was remembered with songs like "Cuando Muere Una Dama," "Que Me Entierren Con La Banda," "Mi Gusto Es" and "El Barzón," according to a report from Reforma. RELATED: Jenni Rivera Quotes: 11 Sayings From La Diva De La Banda Herself On Anniversary Of Her Death

Jenni Rivera's tribute was plagued by a cold front that did not stop any of the assistants from singing their hearts out and remembering the diva. "Women like my sister are unique, there is no other," Lupillo said during the event. The singer was touched deeply when he sang "Por Una Mujer Bonita," which was a song he sang at Jenni's house on October 31, 2012, a couple weeks prior to her death. Rivera was joined by his parents on stage and his brother Pedro Jr., who was the only sibling that managed to attend the event. Songs like "Inolvidable," "Sin Fortuna," "A Mi Manera" and "Despreciado Me Voy" followed and the concert ended with "Amor Eterno." Reforma reports that the venue sang the song in unison while Doña Rosa broke down and cried during the emotional scene. Lupillo thanked everyone and asked for an applause loud enough that everyone in heaven would be able to hear, as well as mention the other six people that died with Jenni. RELATED: ‘Jenni Rivera Vive’ Tribute Concert: Marisela, Larry Hernandez, Tito El Bambino And More To Sing At Arena Monterrey [PREVIEW]

Another tribute is expected to take place on Monday, December 9 at the "Arena Monterrey." This homage titled "La Diva de la Banda" was organized by Lupillos siblings and will have special guest performances. The Rivera family has been distant with Lupillo for diverse reasons and he initially didn't plan on attending the event. However, during a sit-down interview with Aurora Valle for Televisa he said that his wife convinced him to partake in the tribute to Jenni Rivera. "Thanks to all the people and their beautiful messages," Lupillo wrote on his Twitter after the tribute concert last night. "I love all of you very much." He later wrote, "When Earth thought she had left, the world showed us that she is alive more than ever... Jenni Rivera." Watch Lupillo sing "Amor Eterno" down below and ask for a minute of silence for his late sister.

Lupillo Singing "Amor Eterno"

Lupillo Asking For A Minute Of Silence

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