Miguel Olivo and Alex Guerrero are teammates who play for the Albuquerque Isotopes -- the Los Angeles Dodgers Triple-A affiliate. Olivo and Guerrero were involved in a dugout altercation while facing the Salt lake Bees that did not have a pretty ending.

The incident began when the outfielders weren’t communicating with Olivo, according to Sting’Em Bees blog. Before going at it in the dugout, the tension started on the field. Guerrero bit his ear and the injury will require surgery. Part of his hear was displaced by a bite.

The problem is that both players play for the same team, so one of them has to leave -- and it will probably be Olivo. He is a 13-year veteran who has played for seven teams. He has bounced around the league and is 35 years old. The best bet is to keep Guerrero. He is a Cuban import that signed with the team for four years. The Los Angeles Dodgers are trying to see where he would best fit in in their infield. The team is trying to get him to play for them and play in the majors.

His agent, Scott Boras, said the timetable for his return is unknown and that it is not clear yet how many stitches the surgery will require. Ned Colletti, Dodgers’ GM, said that they were looking in to the incident