National Geographic Outback Wrangler Matt Wright may have passed the reins to his two-year-old son after a video of the boy handling a three-meter python has gone viral over the internet. Wright was able to record the entire encounter on video gaining 382,036 till the time of writing after posting it on his Instagram Saturday.

Warning: Refrain from replicating this act.

According to New York Post, the young toddler, named Banjo, could be seen in the video handling the olive python with the ease of a professional snake catcher. In the clip, the python was laid out across the grass and as the boy attempted to pull the reptile, it had wrapped itself around a wooden pole and secured itself in place.

As Wright was filming his son, the boy dropped the python’s tail and ran over to his father. In the clip, the proud father could be heard instructing the boy as he unwrapped the snake from the pole. "Pull him out, pull him back. Quick, pull him over to the bushes," Wright said. And as his son moved closer within striking distance of the snake’s head, Wright was quick on his feet and grabbed the boy as he redirected him to the snake’s tail. 

"Come back, he'll bite you. You've got to go for the tail. Grab the tail, two hands," Wright said, warning the boy. Fearless as he was, Banjo did not let up and had another go at tugging the snake as the python slithered toward his father’s leg. Before the video cut to its end, Wright could be heard telling the boy to get hold of the reptile. "Quick grab him! Otherwise he's going to bite dad!" 

Fortunately for Wright, olive pythons are ground dwelling, non-venomous and generally harmless to humans. The mind-blowing confidence of Wright in the young boy brought on a barrage of comments from social media users who were both in awe and at the same time, not too thrilled at the hair-raising stunt.

Netizens had mixed reactions with some lauding the doting father for sharing such a special moment teaching his son the tricks of what has made him famous. Others accused him of jeopardizing his son’s safety for a few seconds of fame on the internet.

snake-3356571_960_720 Representation Image Python Snake Reptile TahliaStantonPhotography/ Pixabay