Angelique BoyerSebastián Rulli and Luis Roberto Guzmán star in Univision's top-rated telenovela "Lo Que La Vida Me Robó." The nightly soap has entered its final weeks and you will not believe what has happened! Spoiler Alert! Spoiler Alert! Episode 175 has José Luis (Luis Roberto Guzmán) telling Alejandro (Sebastián Rulli) that, that is not an option and asks him to hand over his daughter. The tender moment has JL holding her daughter. Graciela (Daniela Castro) tells Pedro Medina (Sergio Sendel) that she will not help him and to get out of her house. "With this, our friendship has ended," Pedro tells her. Graciela replies, "we have never been friends." Montserrat (Angelique Boyer) decides to name her daughter Romina. Fabiola (Lisset) gets released from jail and is taken to Pedro Medina's home where he gives her what she loves the most, alcohol. Medina suggests he kill Graciela and hands her a gun. 

Fabiola confronts Graciela with a gun on hand, threatening to kill her own mother. Graciela tries to give her an explanation and tells her that she only came back from Italy because she knew she was being released from jail, which is another one of her fabricated truths. Fabiola does not want to listen to her lies, "you're a monster, you don't have a heart," she tells her mother. Graciela tells Fabiola is that she has lied all her life, but she loves her children. "You made me believe we were going to have a future together," Fabiola says. "You told me you wanted to get to know me and that you wanted to cure all my wounds. Everything you said was so beautiful and I believed you. I came to tell you that I forgive you for everything... thank you for giving birth to me MOTHER!" Fabiola raises the gun to her head and shoots herself, committing suicide right in front of Graciela. A year later...Graciela has submerged herself into a deep depression, locking herself up in her room. WATCH the shocking scene down below!

Episode 174 has Victor (Alejandro Avila) proposing marriage to Nadia (Alejandra Garcia) with little Victoria happy that her parents are going to wed and be happy together. The despicable María (Grettel Váldez) tells Padre Anselmo (Eric del Castillo) that Alejandro will pay for making her life miserable and even coming on to the priest. It wasn't a good day for Father Anselmo as he next visits José Luis (Luis Roberto Guzmán) who says that he has sacrificed many things in life and God has never been with him. Monteserrat and Alejandro make touch-up's to their new place, while poor and sad María wears the Montserrat-looking wig and remembers Alejandro. Virginia (Natalia Juarez) returns from her vacation just as things between Dimitrio (Osvaldo Benavides) and Josefina (Veronica Jaspeado) are sparking up again.

Alejandro and Montserrat invite the doctor that helped delivered Esmeralda's baby, coincidence? We think not! Nadia and Alejandro get married outside with little Victoria and Laurito being the flower kids and rain showering down on the festivities, could that be a sign of good or back luck to their marriage. Our favorite with Graciela (Daniela Castro) returns to Agua Azúl and it seems like she is planning on buying back her home from Ezequiel (Alexis Ayala) and Carlota (Gaby Rivero). Although things between Refugio and Esmeralda are better, the latter hasn't let herself open up her love for him yet. Following the nuptials, Montserrat starts getting labor pains and lucky enough they invited a doctor. Amelia (Isabella Camil) calls José Luis informing him Montse is getting ready to deliver. There's no time to take her to the doctor and Montse is going to deliver her baby in the bedroom. Graciela is enjoying her dinner when Pedro Medina (Sergio Sendel), who we were meant to believe was dead, appears. Alejandro, the man that wanted Montserrat to abort her child, has the brilliant idea of naming her daughter Alejandro. José Luis enters the room and over hears him and we know this is not going to go down with him well.