With only three episodes left of season six of "Sons of Anarchy" tonight's episode "Aon Rud Persanta" will focus on the club's attempts to break Clay out of jail alongside Galen and the Irish. Jax is still reeling from the discovery that Tara set up his mother and planned on divorcing him and taking his boys away, but we'll get to that in a minute. Jax has been making deals left and right. First with the Irish, then with the D.A and last week he made a deal with a Chinese gun supplier to double cross the Irish.

Now Jax is likely going to double cross someone on tonight's episode. His deal with the D.A promised immunity for the club and community service for Tara if SAMCRO gave up Galen and the Irish as the source of the guns. Now we all know what happened the last time Jax made a deal with a Fed, she ended up with her brains splashed all over the front window of her car. So there is no telling what will happen tonight. The promo for episode 11 of season six shows Jax and the club preparing to help free Clay.

Clay is supposed to be taken from his prison cell to his court date in an iron truck. The Irish's plan is to intercept the truck and break Clay out with no small amount of bloodshed. Jax told D.A Patterson to have men ready to stop the break out but with all of the other players added to the game there is no telling how it will all go down. Tonight's will be yet another action packed episode. In the promo we see the truck Clay is traveling in get run off of the road.

SAMCRO, the sheriff's department, the Irish and the Chinese will all be heavily armed in the attempt to free Clay although all of those individuals will be working at cross purposes. Another thing that makes you wonder exactly what will happen on "Aon Rud Persanta" is the title of the episode itself. The title is Gaelic and according to iDigitaltimes.com translates to "Nothing Personal." There are so many meaning this title could take, debating them all could take the whole day.

With all he has to deal with regarding Clay and the Irish one has to wonder if Jax will have time to figure out his home life. Tara is in a dark place and after her plan was figured out Gemma told her she would never be allowed to raise her boys and could walk away alive or stay and her boys will be told their mommy died. Tara felt so desperate she tried to make a deal with D.A Patterson who told Tara she could not help her. "Sons of Anarchy" will air tonight on FX at 10pm ET.

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